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Cheated on my husband in Quesnel

Saturday, April 19th, 2014

My secret is that I cheated on my husband with my best friend. It wasn’t planned, it just happened and now I am so lost. My husband cheated on me with someone he met on Facebook about 10 years ago. I wanted to leave but I was pregnant so I stuck it out. Eight years later I am standing here guilty of the very same thing I have hated him for all these years. I love my husband but since I cheated on him I feel like I don’t love him anymore. I am in love with the thought of marriage but nothing else. I feel more strongly towards my friend for the past few months. I can’t bring myself to leave my husband because of our children and the small town factor of Quesnel, British Columbia. I am don’t know what to do!

Prince George swingers party

Friday, April 18th, 2014

Last weekend I went to a local swingers party in Prince George. It’s a small town so swingers parties are very discrete and you only get invited if the host knows you. In this group everybody knows everybody and sometimes host invites new people to join. I had met this one couple at the New Year’s Eve party who came to the swinger party as well. Party was at a private house in Prince George. My date (who is also my friends with benefits) really liked the woman and I also liked the man so we talked that night. Well Saturday him and I couldn’t keep our hands off each other so I asked if he wanted to go back to the room upstairs. Of course the answer was yes. We went upstairs, locked the door and started kissing and I thought he was reaching down to lift my skirt, but no he grabbed me picked me up and threw me on the bed. I knew right then this was going to be a fun evening and I was right, the sex was great. I never cum through oral sex but he had talented tongue and I came very hard on his face. Then I returned the favor by giving him a handjob and oral too. During the blowjob I almost gagged trying to take his entire cock in my mouth. Then he fucked me for, what it seemed like, ages. After couple of hours when we got back to the main room we both noticed that “friends with benefit” I came with and the woman he came with were gone. We looked at each other, smiled, and said that we hoped they are having as much fun as we did. Later in the night we played naked Twister. Everyone had a good time including my “friends with benefit” and I am looking forward to another swingers party soon.

Unsatisfied in my sex life

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

My secret is that im not happy with our sex life (me and my girlfriend) ever since weve had sex I have always had to finish myself off after she leaves.

I care about her alot and i know i’ll probly never find another girl like her but everytime we do it she leaves me unsatisfied. im not proud to say this but i have cheated on her before and i have came clean about it, what i did was mutual between me and the other girl and it was a no strings attatched fling. i absolutely do not have feelings for those woman but i wish my gf could finish me like those other woman have.

When I cheated i felt degrading and aweful as i had broken my promise to my gf but there are days when i just cant take it and need a woman who knows how to please a man right.

My secret is I am in an unsatisfying relationship with a great girl who i doont wana leave or cheat on. i need some advice on what i should do cuz im gettin tired of feeling that my needs arent being met

btw we have talked about this problem and it upsets her but with our schedules its hard to do anything

Sex in the hotel room

Sunday, March 11th, 2012

I heard a knock at my hotel room door, while I was out of town on business. I opened the door to see a beautiful woman standing there whom I just met the night before at the bar. She comes into the room and begins kissing me. My hands and her hands are exploring each other’s bodies while we are on the sofa. As things begin to get even more involved I pick her up and carry her to the bed, where we continue what we started. With her now completely naked I go down on her. I can feel her body twitch as I slightly graze her clit. The more I touch her clit with my tongue the more her body reacts. Her hands are rubbing her body harder and faster until she can’t control herself anymore and she grabs my head and holds it closer to her clit. I can feel her body become tense, her breathing becoming out of control, and her voice getting louder as she is calling my name.

After her orgasm, she looks at me and tells me she can’t wait any longer. So I put my already erect penis inside her warm and wet vagina. The relief was felt throughout her entire body, as she feels me going back and forth. Her neckline is completely exposed and becomes a victim of my already useful tongue. I can feel her hands moving faster and harder over my body as her vagina gets tight. She starts screaming my name again. She now starts to take control and puts both her hands on my chest and pushes me off of her, jumps on top of me and grabs my dick and slides it inside of her again. She is now grinding and bouncing on my hard cock. As she is doing her thing you see her facial expressions as she is enjoying everything. The grinding gets harder as her voice becomes louder again. Her hands are all over her body as she starts to have another orgasm.

She then slows down and starts to grind a little more when she says “Not again!” Her hands are in the air as she grinds and bounces harder. Her hands work their way down to her hair as she starts pulling her own hair. She now, gets off of me and is just laying there next to me. So, I turn her over and pull her ass up to me and put my hard dick back inside of an extremely tight hole. Now, as she is starting to scream my name I can feel it. I pull my dick out and let the explosion happen all over her beautiful ass. This was one hotel room experience I will never forget.

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Regret not marrying you

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Katherine – everyday I regret that I didn’t say “yes” to you when you asked me to marry you. I think of you every day and you occupy most of my day – or at least a very large part of it. It’s far too late now.

I regret that I walked out of the house and never turned around again. You are the most beautiful woman that has ever walked the Earth and every woman I see can not measure up to you in any facet. All the women on Earth combined do not amount to even half of you. I love you. I miss you very much.

My life is nothing without you. You were my reason for living and now I am dead because I walked away and because I said “no”. There are very few things I ever regret doing. This ranks at the very top. No matter how many other women I have met, I compare each and every one of them to you and they can never measure up. If by chance you should ever read this – wherever you are, be assured that I never stopped loving you. I never will.

I wish you the best – wherever you are. My life is messed because I didn’t commit to you. 20 years later – you are the only woman who is on my mind – all the time and no amount of drugs or alcohol or work or anything else can take it away. If I had a chance to do it all over – I would not walk away. I would have stayed – as hard as it was. I would have stayed. I’ve created my own hell by simply not being with you – because I was insecure about what I can offer you.

You offered me everything and now I have nothing. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you and how beautiful you were. I will never smile again. There is a permanent disdain look in my face because of my decision and I hate it. I regret that I couldn’t be the one you needed when you needed me.

With love always.