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Sex in the hotel room

I heard a knock at my hotel room door, while I was out of town on business. I opened the door to see a beautiful woman standing there whom I just met the night before at the bar. She comes into the room and begins kissing me. My hands and her hands are exploring each other’s bodies while we are on the sofa. As things begin to get even more involved I pick her up and carry her to the bed, where we continue what we started. With her now completely naked I go down on her. I can feel her body twitch as I slightly graze her clit. The more I touch her clit with my tongue the more her body reacts. Her hands are rubbing her body harder and faster until she can’t control herself anymore and she grabs my head and holds it closer to her clit. I can feel her body become tense, her breathing becoming out of control, and her voice getting louder as she is calling my name.

After her orgasm, she looks at me and tells me she can’t wait any longer. So I put my already erect penis inside her warm and wet vagina. The relief was felt throughout her entire body, as she feels me going back and forth. Her neckline is completely exposed and becomes a victim of my already useful tongue. I can feel her hands moving faster and harder over my body as her vagina gets tight. She starts screaming my name again. She now starts to take control and puts both her hands on my chest and pushes me off of her, jumps on top of me and grabs my dick and slides it inside of her again. She is now grinding and bouncing on my hard cock. As she is doing her thing you see her facial expressions as she is enjoying everything. The grinding gets harder as her voice becomes louder again. Her hands are all over her body as she starts to have another orgasm.

She then slows down and starts to grind a little more when she says “Not again!” Her hands are in the air as she grinds and bounces harder. Her hands work their way down to her hair as she starts pulling her own hair. She now, gets off of me and is just laying there next to me. So, I turn her over and pull her ass up to me and put my hard dick back inside of an extremely tight hole. Now, as she is starting to scream my name I can feel it. I pull my dick out and let the explosion happen all over her beautiful ass. This was one hotel room experience I will never forget.

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