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My first time sex when I was 14

The first time I ever had sex was in the age of 14. My boyfriend, who I’d been with for 5 months at that time, was 16 years old. He and I had talked about having sex, but he never forced or persuaded me enough. One night, he came to my basement window. I was surprised, and I let him in my room. We lay in my bed. My parents were upstairs so we had to be very quiet. We lived up at the Austin Road area in Prince George. It was probably 12:30 in the morning. He’d said he’d been thinking about me all day.

He started to kiss me, and I pushed my body close to his. He started to play with the elastic on my pajama shorts, and asked me if it was okay. I moaned yes. He slowly slid my shorts off…and started to use his fingers on me. I moaned and sighed with pleasure, trying not to wake up my sister across the hall and parents upstairs. He asked me if he could taste me, I, again, moaned with a yes. He slowly went down on me, licking and flicking me with his tongue. This was the first time that was done to me. I put a pillow over my face and moaned when I’d reached an orgasm. He came back up to me, taking my shirt off and sucking my nipples. He put his hand in between my legs, and I spread them. His was throbbing. He teased me, and then finally stuck it in me. I rocked my body with his, as he pinched my nipples and kissed me. He pulled out of me and came on my stomach. He cleaned it off, and I sucked him hard again while he was standing on the side of the bed. After this, he turned me on my side and started to finger me again. He was ready for next round. I stayed lying sideways as he went in and out into me slowly at first and then faster and faster. The next day I was sore and bleeding, but it was well worth it.


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