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Buying condoms at Prince George Wal-mart

My new girlfriend, I met on Plenty of Fish, and I was at the Wal-Mart in Prince George shopping for stuff to make dinner at their new grocery section. We hadn’t had full-on sex yet at that point, just stroking and messing around with our clothes on. At one point I was standing in the aisle staring at the condom display, and getting kind of horny. My girlfriend looked over and saw me staring at the condoms. I was busted! But then she came over and laughed at me and said, what kind do you want to get? I was embarrassed, but I smiled and grabbed a packet of Trojans and tossed them in the cart. I’m sure the clerk who rang us up knew what would happen later. When we got back to her apartment, we actually made dinner and ate, although my mind was on other things just like any other guys. Eventually we started fooling around and ended up on her bed, half-undressed. She gave me a kiss, then got up and went to the kitchen and came back with the box of condoms. She asked if she could put one on me. I almost blew my load when her hands touched me. We had sex most of that night and sexed our way through the whole box in under a week (it was a dozen).


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