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I loved a married man once when I was in Fort St. John

My secret is that I was in love with a married man once. I tried not to fall for him but we worked together at a small business in Fort St. John. We became friends and then things grew day by day. I felt like my husband was not paying attention to me and this guy was paying me all the attentions I ever wanted. He was younger than me. He was kind and funny and saw things in me that my husband didn’t. He loved his wife but was no longer intimate with her. They were bored with each other or at least that is what he told me. I didn’t mind because I was getting the attention I always wanted. He felt refreshed in my company and so did I. I even loved his kids, but he wasn’t leaving his family and he couldn’t make me part of it. Same was with me, I couldn’t leave my husband and was not going to make him part of my family. So as suddenly as it started, it ended. I knew it would end but it was still painful. I won’t let myself love another married man again, I think I regret how I felt about him but at the same time I cherish every single moment of it.


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