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I have not paid a cent for anything I own

I have a little secret that most people don’t know about me. When my ex boyfriend and I broke up I was feeling a little down and out. I took my credit card, which had a $25000 limit, and went on a spending spree. Yep you read that right $25000.

You see, I was in a relationship were I couldn’t go out and buy things. I had to justify every penny I spent. It really really got to me. He was allowed to go out and buy a $300 golf club but I had to ask him if I could spend $25 to get a new shirt.

When I was out on my own I went on a trip and spent every penny I could on my credit card. I bought items for my house, new cloths, paid for dinners and drinks for my friends, etc etc. I also went out and got a new car, bought a house and a few other big ticket items.

This part of my secret is not so bad. The bad part is that a few months later, I claimed Bankruptcy. Yep! I have not had to pay one penny of that $25000 and I still have my car, house and my big ticket items. I have gotten away without paying one penny. I was able to work the system so I even got rid of all my student loans. I have gotten away with not paying over $300,000. The bad part is that I work full time and I make $25/hour and could probably pay it all on my own. But I worked the system so I will never have to pay any of that off.


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2 Responses to “I have not paid a cent for anything I own”

  1. jim Says:

    dont worry about it! The rest of us will be busy paying it off for you, its ppl like you that ruin this country and bring it in the dumps. No wonder your boyfriend had you on aleash you selfish cunt

  2. A Says:

    Totally agree with you Jim!! Selfish cunt is right! lol!

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