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How I became his woman

My secret is that he made me his woman. When I was 15 my parents were posted in a South American country. They were missionaries and tied up with their activities full time. I was a pretty typical little girl, blue eyes, blond hair, fair skinned, studious, and preacher kid. Next door to the house we lived was a man in his early 30s, dark and very macho in his ways. From the time we first met him he looked at me hard, his eyes were hard and they made me uncomfortable.

My parents were out of town a lot, on their mission stuff, and one evening when I was alone with the maid, he came to house on an excuse about wanting to talk to me about something. He told the maid to go back to her room and stay there. He spoke to me in his very heavy English, and asked me lots of questions about my school, and about me. I answered all his questions, didn’t even think about saying no. Eventually he got to the part of me not having a boyfriend and that at my age I needed one.

He walked over to me and touched my hair and told me I was ‘chulita’ (pretty) and very ‘rica’ (delicious), and ‘dame un besito’ (give me a kiss), and he pressed me against the wall and kissed me. I had never been kissed, and I was overwhelmed and my legs got real weak, and he held me and took me to the couch. He sat me down and pushed me back on the couch, and leaned on me and rubbed my breasts and held me down and kissed me some more. He would tell me again and again how ‘rica’ I was, and ‘te voy a calentar’ (Iā€™m going to make you horny) and ‘te voy a cojer’ (Iā€™m going to screw you). At the time I didn’t know exactly what that meant but I guessed it pretty much.

He pushed my dress up, and took my underwear off and took off his pants and showed me his dick and asked me if liked it, ‘te gusta verdad’ (you like it don’t you?), and pushed himself on me and spread me with his knees and he fucked me. I was trapped there and I saw the maid come to the door of the living room and stand there and watch. I went in and out of time, at moments I was there and at moments I was way far away, and I felt him cum and I remember grabbing on to him so hard and trembling so hard. He got off of me and just looked at me with those eyes, and turned to the maid and told her to ‘limpiela’ (clean her up).

He took the maids apron from her and cleaned himself, and looked down at me and told me that I was ‘bien buena’ (real good). He talked to the maid in Spanish and he left. She helped me clean up and kept telling me that ‘ahora sos su mujer’ (now you are his woman). Well, the truth is I was.

He came often, when my parents weren’t there and now he took me in my room. He was very experienced and he taught me how to please him, and I did. He would tell me what day he was coming and I would wait for him. I was totally in love with him. I did whatever he wanted, and he would tell the maid afterwards to clean me up and make sure I was all right.

I lived next door to him for three years and for the three years I was his lover, ever growing in my attachment to him, and learning all that he liked. I knew that it had started as pretty much forced, but I was totally and completely his and cooperated fully with him. The maid was right, I was his woman. And he liked me; almost exclusively he came to me for his female attention. And I was happy beyond belief. During those years the maid had gotten me birth control pills, and everything was pretty much hunky dory.

When my parents were returned to the states, I cried for weeks on end. Finally, when I finished high school, I worked, bought a ticket and flew back to him. I moved in with him, and we had two babies. He hired our maid when I was there with my parents to be the nanny. I married him after the second baby was born. She was right; I am today and was that first day his ‘mujer’. Of course I speak Spanish now, and make my life with him. And many times when he takes me, I fall back into that space I went to that first day, and when he cums, I tremble so hard, as I experience those overwhelming orgasms and recommit myself to him.

When he asks me ‘si me gusta’ (if I like it), I tell him ‘si es muy rica, damela’ I (yes it is very delicious, give it to me). What a man, and Iā€™m his woman.

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One Response to “How I became his woman”

  1. will Says:

    In a odd sort of way, thats a beautiful story… Something like a 1940’s hollywood romance movie šŸ™‚
    I mean sure it started with rape and child molestation but the end result is lovely, I think its because you wrote it so eloquently,
    best secret on this board I think šŸ˜€

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