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Fingering my cousin and jerking off afterwards

Sunday, September 25th, 2016

So my cousin (female) and I (male) were staying at our grandparents’ house on the same night. This has been around 3 years ago, I was 13 and she was 14. She was a mature girl even back then. Her boobs were of average size with perfectly round shape, and she had a big and shapely ass. She was naturally blonde and wore glasses, and had an hourglass figure. Some of the very first fantasies I remember having were with her. So it was getting late and we go and lay in the bed. We lay so her head is on one end and mine on the other end, and we are sort of laying at each others feet. She is wearing thin little short shorts tonight, and after laying there for a while with my hand on her thigh, I began to get very hard. I pretended I was asleep (although she very well knew I wasn’t) and began to run my hand up her leg. I worked my hand into her shorts leg and into her panties. I could feel her pussy, and she hadn’t said anything to me yet, so I started to stick my finger in and out of her. I stopped after about 5 minutes of that. When I stopped she got up and went to the other bed in the other room (I think I freaked her out a little bit, because I’m pretty sure she wasn’t entirely willing). So I layed there the rest of the night and managed to fall asleep, without finishing myself off. The next morning I woke up and went to her room. She was asleep, and I could see the edge of her bra under the tank top she was wearing. I pulled my dick out and began to jerk off to her sleeping face, and after a few minutes I took my other hand and played with one of her breasts. I had to be careful as to not wake her up. I came in the trash can next to her bed just before she woke up and made my escape. The orgasm was absolutely mind blowing.

Gave uncle blowjob and swallowed his cum

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

I was 19 and had just gotten a sexy spanking from my uncle in his barn. He owns a firm in Texas and yes, we had very good and fun relationship. He was only 3 years older than me. He promised me a spanking for looking at the horse’s hard cock and I dared him to do it. So he did and I love it. After my spanking he slid me off his lap and onto my knees as he unzipped his pants telling me that I needed to see a real cock. He showed me how to hold it, how to stroke it gently and play with his balls. I was listening like a good girl. It was not my first blowjob but I loved that he knew what he wanted and how he wanted it. When he told me to kiss it I was not shocked at all. I was too curious and too turned on to not do it. I kissed the head. Tasting his pre cum. I loved the taste in my tongue. He told me to get used to it because men loved girls who knew how to please a cock. I listened again like good girl and I took the head of his cock in my mouth. I felt so naughty and dirty as I wrapped my lips over the large, thick cock. I have no idea what it tasted like in my mouth. I was in another world and just kept licking it, sucking it and started to hear him moan. He told me to take more and more in my mouth and try to get his cock down the throat. I did that and amazingly found I didn’t have any gag reflexes. I was happy to hear a guy moan every time his tip touched the back of my throat. I felt his hands on my head tighten a bit. I knew it was time for him to cum. I felt his cock throb and sort of swell in my mouth. It turned me on even more knowing it was all because of me. I was amazed at how hard it was. Then he just exploded. A hot gush of gooey cum flooded my mouth. I swallowed the fist load right away but then I started choking and pulled off his cock. As I pulled out it sprayed my hair and my face with spurt after spurt of his thick hot cum. It made me feel good as he told me how good it was for him and that I was a very good girl.

My wifes younger cousin gives me a blowjob

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

I was about 27 and we went to my wifes family reunion. She was walking around and talking with all of her family. I was the new guy so I was a little bored. I decided to go inside and watch a little bit of tv when my wifes 18 year old cousin came in and sat right next to me on the couch. We started talking about the movie that was showing, when a sex scene came on. It really didnt show anything just the movements under the covers and kissing. I could tell she started to get turned on by the way she started moving her legs and her breathing started to become heavier. She asked me if she could lay down on the couch so I said sure. She dropped her head into my lap. with every movement i felt my dick start to come alive. She would wiggle around causing my cock to grow right under her head. She placed her hand right on my thigh and started rubbing it around in small circles. Up and down side to side causing me to get real horny and I moaned just a little bit she looked up at me and smiled. After that she put her hand underneath her head and started rubbing my dick causing me to get even harder. I couldnt stand it any longer and asked if she would like to go into the back yard. She got up and followed me right behind the shed. I asked her if she had ever seen a boys dick before. She shook her head no and I told her if she wanted to see mine she could. She smiled and told me ok. I pulled it out and told her she could touch it if she wanted to. She placed her soft young hand around my dick and started to look at it closely. I asked her if she would put it in her mouth and she looked around worried we would get caught. I took hold of the sides of her head and told her it will be ok no one will ever know. With that she moved foward and placed my cock right into her young warm mouth. I guided her head movements back and forth only allowing half of my dick to go inside. She started to get into a rythm and was moving all on her own. I instructed her to start sucking as she bobbed her head back and forth. It was amazing feeling the young girl giving me a blowjob. She never stopped sucking the whole time. She took me out of her mouth and asked if she was doing a good job. I told her it was one of the best blowjobs I ever had and before she starts again use her tongue to lick my cock all the way around it. Her tongue slowly went from the base to the tip in slow even licks. She swirled her tongue around the tip causing my cock to jump. She giggled and popped me back into her mouth and started the slow but steady bobbing motion. My knees started to get weak and I told her I was going to come soon. She had a choice of letting me cum on the ground, her face, or in her mouth. She just looked at me and never stopped sucking so I took hold of her head and started to fuck her face. After about 3 minutes I started to feel my balls get tighter and I ejaculated right into her waiting mouth. Shot after shot of what seemed to be tons of cum dumped right into her mouth while she just kept sucking and bobbing. She kept sucking my cock till I told her it was ok. I looked at her as she swallowed the rest and she made one of the sexiest faces i have ever seen like she was proud of herself. When I was putting my dick back in her pants I asked her if she ever sucked a mans dick before. She told me no I was her first. I asked her why she decided to swallow my cum. She explained to me that the girls at her school told her they did it and she wanted to try it. As we walked back to the house I gave her little tight ass a squeeze and told her ill have to meet her friends soon. That happened about 3 years ago and I still see her almost everyday. We never have had a chance to do it again but everytime I see her I grab her ass or she pushes it right into my dick and wiggles it around so I know there will be another story coming soon.

My best friends boyfriend

Friday, April 20th, 2012

When I was just in high school my two friends would date and seeing them kiss would often make me jealous. So one night I invited him over so we could watch movies like old times. When we were eating popcorn he claimed to accidentally drop some popcorn down my shirt and he stuck his hand in there getting the popcorn. Then a moan escaped my lips and the whole entire movie he was rubbing my inner thigh until a sex scene came. He moved closer and closer till I could feel the hot breath on my neck and he started to kiss my neck. Then lower to my breast he started rubbing them and squeezing them. He then kissed me and I was frozen but I soon kissed back and we had an intense passionate make out session. He slipped his fingers in my shorts rubbing my cunt stuck his fingers in then finally he said if I was ready. I answered yes. He told me to strip and so I did. Then he started kissing down my body then I felt this pain realized he put his 10 inch cock inside of me it felt so good it lasted for about 5 minutes then we passed out. In the morning I soon realized it was so wrong then. He told me it was our secrete and he kissed me one last time and then he left. This has been going on for about a year now behind her back.

Wife’s best friend gave me handjob before the day of our marriage

Friday, December 30th, 2011

My secret is that, the night before my wedding I got a handjob from my wife’s best friend who was married too. We all were hanging out and all been drinking. Then it was decided that I was not allowed to stay the night in my wife’s room, apparently that is the tradition. My wife’s best friend was sharing a room with her husband and they suggested I could crash in their room. After a while the husband went up to bed. We all stayed up a bit longer and after a while my wife’s friend and I went up to the room as well to sleep. I was getting ready to make a bed on the couch for the night but she said it would be ok to share the bed with them. I didn’t think too much of it and just said alright. They had a king size bed. The boyfriend was already out cold. I settled in with my wife’s friend in the middle. I don’t know how much time whet by or when I fell asleep, but I woke up suddenly with a raging hard cock. After getting oriented I realized my wife’s friend was stroking my cock through my trousers. After a couple minutes she reached her hand under my trousers. It was so hot and a turn on knowing her husband was right next to us and that someone else’s wife was doing something sexual to me, it wasn’t long before I was ready to climax. The whole time I was thinking she must be so drunk she doesn’t know who’s cock she is playing with or to whom she is giving the handjob to, but I didn’t want to stop. It was just too much to stop at that point. Finally a couple of seconds before my cock ready to explode she slipped my trouser down and put her warm mouth on my cock. That was perfect timing because right then I lost it and sent a huge load of cum streaming into her mouth. She swallowed it all down eagerly. Then to my surprise she came laid next to me again in the middle and whispered in to my ears, calling my name and saying congratulations on your marriage tomorrow. Then I realized she was not drunk, she knew she was giving me the handjob and blowjob combo. She had a talented hand for the perfect handjob. We have been married together for 7 years now and to this day I still can’t forget that perfect handjob.