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I let him finger me and cum on me

Sunday, February 21st, 2016

I am a 19 year old female. Last year I was partying with friends and we all had weed and beer. I was high and buzzed but not that bad. My friend left and I wanted to sleep. I went to the basement and sat on the couch.

The video game was still on but both the guys there were passed out. I laid back closed my eyes. My friend (who was my other friends boyfriend) came down and I could here him walking around. He sat next to me and shook my shoulders. I just laid there to see what he would do. He pulled my hair and I let my head fall abit still acting like I was tottally out.

Then he started to squeeze my boobs on and off. He walked around again then came back and squeezed more but went under my clothes. Then he went down my pants and felt. He did this three times before starting to finger me. I was so wet and just laying there like I was out. I could here him jerking off and he came on the side of my face. After he wiped my face off with something and put my hand down my pants and left it there. I felt like such a slut for liking this so much. After I was sure he was gone I left.

My best friends boyfriend

Friday, April 20th, 2012

When I was just in high school my two friends would date and seeing them kiss would often make me jealous. So one night I invited him over so we could watch movies like old times. When we were eating popcorn he claimed to accidentally drop some popcorn down my shirt and he stuck his hand in there getting the popcorn. Then a moan escaped my lips and the whole entire movie he was rubbing my inner thigh until a sex scene came. He moved closer and closer till I could feel the hot breath on my neck and he started to kiss my neck. Then lower to my breast he started rubbing them and squeezing them. He then kissed me and I was frozen but I soon kissed back and we had an intense passionate make out session. He slipped his fingers in my shorts rubbing my cunt stuck his fingers in then finally he said if I was ready. I answered yes. He told me to strip and so I did. Then he started kissing down my body then I felt this pain realized he put his 10 inch cock inside of me it felt so good it lasted for about 5 minutes then we passed out. In the morning I soon realized it was so wrong then. He told me it was our secrete and he kissed me one last time and then he left. This has been going on for about a year now behind her back.