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I had sex with my best friend’s boyfriend in Quesnel

I live with my best friend and his family at a house in Quesnel. Her boyfriend also lives with her. We all pay our share of rents and it’s better that way because apartments here sucks. Her parents went away to visit relatives in Prince George for a weekend and we threw a party. After a wild night of drinking and everyone had left we made an attempt at cleaning up. My friend was so drunk she fell asleep on the couch. So it was just her boyfriend and I. We both were drunk but yet we thought we were sober enough to clean. We started messing around throwing plastic glasses and plates and toy fighting until he held me down and kissed me without a notice or any hesitation. Being drunk I stupidly kissed him back and two minutes later we were naked having sex on the sofa next to the one my friend was sleeping!!! The bit I regret is that I know it’s wrong but that makes me want it more and I have had sex with him several times since behind my friend’s back!!! I love it but I know it has to stop! But I can’t! It’s an infinite loop of fatal attraction.

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