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Fun with maid of honor in Quesnel

I attended the wedding of one of my old college roommates. I had to make the trip from Fort St. John to Quesnel for this. We all were going to College of New Caledonia way back then and were very good friends. After the wedding, the reception took place at an open camp at a campsite in Quesnel. A great deal of alcohol was consumed by me and I met a very attractive lady who was one of the maids of honor at the wedding. We both seemed to hit it off very well and I invited her to spend the night with me in my small tent. Much to my surprise she accepted the offer. Maybe she was drunk too like me. I would never know.

After a little while we both settled in my tent. We were not sure what to do but I knew I was drunk. Few minutes passed and nothing happened. Then all of a sudden I grabbed her hair pulled her towards me and kissed her. Even before we knew it foreplay began. We both started to explorer each other. After a while of foreplaying we were having sex in my sleeping bag. I was mostly on top of her and her legs were up in the air inside the sleeping bag. We had intercourse two times that night and that did not really leave any time for sleep that night. She was one of the rare women that could easily have an orgasm and was very loud for few seconds, I had to put a pillow over hear mouth trying to stop her waking up the entire camp ground. I, of course, slept in and was hangover. By the time I got up she left. I found a note in the tent later that says, “I am married.” I never had a chance to ask her for her phone number. To this day I still get hot thinking of that night.

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