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Sex with my manager at Pine Center Mall in Prince George

When I was attending at the College of New Caledonia in Prince George, I was working at a departmental store at Pine Center Mall for extra cash. There were three female managers. Two of them were extremely hot, especially for a college guy like me. For about 3 weeks I plotted a way to get them each into bed separately. Little did I knew that each of them was checking me out! I ended up sleeping with the brunette several times. We even had sex at the store lunchroom and in her little office. She was about 26 and I was 18 at the time. The blonde and I also managed to mess around. She called me into her office one day and then told me she had been watching me. I thought I was in trouble but she then gave me a blojob right there in her office. She did this for about 6 months on a regular basis until she switched jobs. Neither of them knew I was seeing the other. The blonde still calls from time to time wanting to meet me and give me more in my car….but I am married now. Some days I sure fantasize about her.


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