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Escorting in Prince George for 15 years: My Secret that no one knows of!

I have been an Escort in the city of Prince George on and off for over 15yrs.

When I first was introduced to the industry I was destitute. I had spent my last $50 for rent for the month so I could rent the sofa in a friend’s house. I had no food. I had rigorously looked for any type of job for over 2 months. Nothing.

I was having coffee with my roommate one morning, explaining to him my situation. He also be very young and naive suggested that I Escort for work. Me, totally clueless to what he meant asked him. What is a Escort? He said ” Someone who accompanies men to functions and dinners.” I thought. “Wow” I can do that. I’m young, slender and very pretty.

So I made a few calls. The agency I called asked if I had ever been in the industry before. I told her NO. She said that she currently wasn’t hiring any more Escorts but looking for a phone girl. She asked me if I could come in for a interview! I thought what good luck this was. So I went for the interview and was hired on the spot. I moved into the office and started answering the phones.

The money was so so. I saw how much the Escorts were bringing in. They were all dressed so nice and it seemed so glamorous. I spoke to the owner and convinced her to let me have a shot at it. She finally said yes.

My first apt. was with a regular. I remember I cried the who time. After I had left and was on my way back to the office I had felt like I had lost a piece of who I was. There was no turning back.

I had a whack of cash in my hand that was going to pay bills and get me ahead. So that is the start of my secret that I have harbored for so many years.

I have recently been asked ( I still work occasionally) if I have any regrets of what I have done and still do. I looked that person straight in the eye and told them that I feel NO shame for what I have done or where I have been. Today, I still feel that this industry saved me from financial failure.

It has shown me a lot of shady people, but I have also had the opportunity to meet some of the best people ever. It has also given me the chance to see a large part of the world. With the financial freedom given to the Escorts in the industry, I have achieved far more than I believe I would have with a regular 9-5 job. I have been wise with my earnings and live literally debt free.

I have met many woman who come from different walks of life. Some from the slums with horrible drug addictions and others from middle class homes that are struggling to provide themselves and/or their families with a better chance.

I have to tip my hat to those who have swallowed their pride and bitten the bullet to do what they have to do to make ends meet. There is no shame in doing this Industry. Just remember who you are and to hold your head held high. Only you can create your own success.

A little tid-bit for those woman who are struggling and trying to figure out a solution… if you do by chance decide to enter the industry, shop around and find out what agency offers what. They all have different policies. I personally recommend looking for who offers the best security! Most don’t offer much.

Remember, no one has the right to judge anyone. They are not God. Therefore they have NO right to think they are better or have the right to criticize anyone for their decisions or choices. Do what you feel you need to do.


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