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I am thinking of becoming an escort in Prince George

My secret is that I am thinking of becoming an escort. I’m 19 years old and going to the University of Northern British Columbia in Prince George. I cannot find a job. I hate being broke all the time and not having money. I even can’t buy a pair of decent shoes. My student loan doesn’t cover everything. Books and school supplies are so expensive. Well I’m struggling really badly. I’ve been looking for a job for last 3 months. My family lives in Grand Prairie and they help me as much as they can, but they are poor too. It is difficult, especially here in Prince George. I am desperate for money. So, I’ve been thinking about getting into the escort business. I have done some research and there are two escort agencies in Prince George. One is Black Orchid and the other is The Kali Project. I also noticed lots of ads on craigslist. I think I could earn decent money, but do I necessarily have to have sex with the people? Would I be able to look into the mirror? I’ll be doing this for me and my family because we are all struggling. I want to help my family. This is the last resort. My parents are going to lose their house if I don’t do something. If I don’t become an escort they will be homeless soon. I know what everyone would think or say. Everyone will show me the moral high-ground but trust me, unless you are not in my shoes you will not know the struggles I am facing. Everyone will judge me but no one is going to come and help me! I am on my own. But I also think would I regret it all later?

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11 Responses to “I am thinking of becoming an escort in Prince George”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I live in Prince George, and I have a specific fetish. If you’re willing, we can negotiate a price. I want you to shit on me. You don’t have to stay after if you don’t want too. Easy money for you, you’re pretty much getting paid to take a shit.

    If you’re interested, respond to *******

  2. admin Says:

    No email addresses please.

  3. anon Says:

    Becoming an escort is a terrible idea. Prince George has terrible problems with Clamidia, and Hepatitis. Not to mention the scores of other terrible diseases such as syphilis which is caught by 2/3rds of prostitutes even when using protection. And what about self respect?

    Your parents problems are not yours. Don’t worry Canada does have a social saftey net. They won’t become homeless. We save the joy of homelessness for the mentally ill and those addicted to drugs.

    As far as no jobs…it’s summer and all the students are leaving. You should easily be able to find a decent job. At least something more respectable than being an escort.

  4. Kim Says:

    I was actually in a very similar situation as you. I am a 21 year old university student. This summer I lost my job and was not able to find another one. In Nanaimo it really is impossible to find anything during the summer unless you know someone or are very well connected well other than Tim Horton’s that is. Call me crazy but I was not willing to sell my soul and work at timmies for 8 an hour and barley make a living and have no time this summer to do anything. Yes, I know many of you may call me lazy but I think that slaving for 8 an hour is exploitation. I also was so sick of being broke all the time, never having enough money to do anything, go to movie, out to dinner with friends, travel on spring break and sometimes not even enough to have dinner. So after doing some research like you I did in fact become an escort and I now am successful employed by agencies in town.
    To answer your questions yes you would have to have sex with the clients maybe not all but most. But you would be able to decided what type of sex you would have, IE. Stuff like if you will kiss them etc. Please understand some are not good looking, some are old, and some are a bit dumb. Despite all this I have discovered most, if not all my clients have been very kind and respectful to me, most really are looking for a conversation as much as they are looking sex.

    This business is not for everyone; in order to be successful you must be able to separate emotion from sex, be able to maintain a strong support system, be able to set and maintain boundaries, actually enjoy sex and be willing to do it with those that some may see as physically less desirable. I don’t know if you will be able to look in the mirror. My experience is going to work and having a glass of wine, some sex and a cab ride home really isn’t all that bad…

    Please always be safe condoms always! Never let the agency’s pressure you into anything. Set an age limit because you are so young I.E you will only see people under this age. Never do anything with anyone you don’t like or that you have a bad feeling about.

  5. Claudia Says:

    I agree with Kim. I am also an escort. And most of the people that you will meet with will be very nice. As long as you act like a lady at all times you should not have problems..

    Good Luck and Get a Good Accountant!!!

  6. Joe Smith Says:

    In Prince George, Black Orchid is probably better run than the Kali Project or whatever it is called now (at least from the point of view of the customers). You have to be willing to have sex with the clients. You would probably want to make a deal with the agency about what hours you would be willing to work and what sort of clients you would be willing to see.

  7. A friend Says:

    If you need help and don’t wanna degrade yourself, let me know. I’ll help you with nothing expected in return except good results in school.

  8. Kristine Says:

    Well why not? if it is done very tastefully what is the big deal? we give it up for free when we are single, so why not make some money at it? struggling with jobs that pay like crap, why not make a little extra, have some extra cash and be a little more happier than struggling with no real end? lots of girls I know are doing it ot get by, and put some money away for a rainy day, at the same time, having a lot of fun as well, so nothing wrong with it really in my books…thinking about doing the same thing my self.

  9. Coco Says:


    I doubt you can be an escort w/o having sex, & even if you try to be an escort without having sex I fear you would have to deal with men trying to rape you. Many men think “Well she’s a slut anyway, so…prob doesn’t matter…” Carry pepper spray if you choose to do this, but I have to say I’m on the side of DON’T DO IT. You’re 19, there are so many sexually transmitted diseases you are exposing yourself to! If you do this be aware that you will have to get AIDS tests FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE: when you marry (AIDS tests are required in the U.S) & before you have babies especially. I dated someone who had to do this, it’s a hassle & scary every time you have to go in.

    Instead, why not try stripping? You can make THOUSANDS & only have to strip Fri & Sat nights. Pick a strip club that aims for high-end clientele & you’ll make BANK, even if you have to drive farther to get to it. Bring pepper spray for your safety (when you have to walk to your car after work) but otherwise a MUCH safer situation & way to earn $$ than being an escort PLUS you’ll earn plenty of money.

  10. Coco Says:

    Research burlesque on youtube for stripping inspiration or take a pole dancing fitness class. The way I do it is to think of it as performance art, to create choreography to my favorite songs & things helps. Don’t worry about having a good body, it doesn’t matter

    Also, be aware that choosing to be an escort or stripper may negatively affect your view of men for a period of your life or even the majority of your life. It is possible you may create emotional hardship on yourself by seeing horny men ogle you every night. I know people who did these jobs & it became near impossible for them to emotionally be open to a relationship w/ a man afterwards.

    No one else on this thread had pointed out the emotional side of it so I thought I should make sure you’re aware of that.

  11. Ally for all Says:

    You should consider all options available, for example working online from home, there are some online businesses available right at facebook, i mean working from home is not slave labour and undressing for unatractive stranger will certainly have an affect on confidence. but too each their own.

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