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I became an escort in Prince George, Quesnel, Prince Rupert, Vanderhoof, Terrace, Fort St. John area

What would you do if you really needed the money and you can’t find a job or get anything from anyone. I grew up in Prince George, BC. I lived in many northern cities for jobs. None of them were paying my bills properly. It was always a struggle. So I became an escort. It is not about glamour or lifestyle. It is about surviving and not losing yourself in process. It is about not being homeless but rather trying to put a roof over my head. I know many people has many ideas about this and everyone takes the moral high ground. When it comes down to the basics like food or shelter or a warm blanket, I am on my own. There is no one to help me but myself.

My name is Ecstasy and I am an escort. There is a group of us out there, girls who get caught up in escorting for whatever reasons, and live life that many envy they could and others despise. I would like to think, we are the glue to your marriage or to your relationship.

My family disowned me when I was 15, my boyfriends, all of them, were losers, I tried working at a retail store for minimum wage, I tried flipping burgers for $8 an hour, I tried being a janitor but really none of them gave me the freedom (financially and personally) I needed till I became an escort.

I have been with some very well respected men in the community. However it is hard when they spend the night with me and then in the morning they bash all the escorts and takes a moral stance.

None of my friends or whatever family I have left knows I am an escort. I am not trying to convince anyone to be an escort. By all means please try your best not to be in this lifestyle. If you get involved into this lifestyle do not judge yourself and dont worry about what others say.

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15 Responses to “I became an escort in Prince George, Quesnel, Prince Rupert, Vanderhoof, Terrace, Fort St. John area”

  1. Samantha Says:

    you know what you go girl…..there is nothing wrong with having to pay bills and survive.
    i am a single momther who works i the same line of buisnesswith an angency and now on my own.
    whats wrong with doing what you have to to make ends meet.
    i find nothing wrong with it and neither doses my old man, wich is great in my books.
    i have to say that not only does it help out with the extra’s that i get from it that i normaly would not have had on a minimum wadge job, but WOW it has helped in the bedroom….lol

  2. Jodi Says:

    As long as you support yourself then who is to judge you! I support myself fully by selling sex toys, lotions, potions, lubes and more. No matter what the economy is like, sex always sells, your a smart girl! Be safe and have fun!

  3. jordan Says:

    helloo i am looking escort girl yong hot i am from Quesnel name is jordan contract me 250983xxxx

  4. old dave Says:

    Please don’t ever think less of yourself for what you are doing,you’ve probably saved more marriages,rapes,abuses and suicides than any self-righteous asshole critic ever. I am one who appreciates you very much and I use the services all the time. I have met a lot of exceptionally nice girls over the years who have honestly saved my marriage and I am thankful. I’ve met some girls who have lost their focus and got caught up in drugs and that is sad, so my advice is stay clean from drugs and stay protected from std’s. To hell with those who judge!!!
    Old Dave

  5. Z Says:

    How did you become an escort in Prince Rupert?

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I am an escort in Prince George but I travel to northern towns including Prince Rupert.

  7. Fuckme Says:

    where can i see your pics ? you still travel to the towns you listed ??

  8. AnonymousReader Says:

    Hi FuckMe thanks for your post. I used to have pictures on craig’s list but since they closed that section down, I haven’t posted anything anywhere right now. I haven’t traveled for a while but thinking about it.

  9. Whoa Says:

    I have never used and escort service but the day may come when I will need to. I am so glad you are out there even if it isnt your first choice. I wish society in general had more respect for people such as yourself. Thank you for your openness.

  10. Wondering Says:


    Thank you so much for your post.

    It is comforting to know there are others that feel the same way. Do you know if there’s a place where we can all talk about our experiences? How to get into them or out of them?

    Would love to talk more,

    Wondering in Northern BC

  11. Kristine Says:

    I read a post about why becoming an escort, and totally agree with it. I am working, and bearly making ends meet, had tow jobs to do that, and still not quite making it, so yes, I want to join the other women as well and become one, to make some money, get a head alittle, tired of being broke, struggling, can’t quite get all the bills paid off…so why not? if it is tastefully done, discretion, why not? we all give it up for free when we are single? so what is the real difference? especially if you do not want a relationship or anything…what is the real harm in it?

  12. Alberto Says:

    So… I’ve been trying to find an escort in Prince Rupert, but not having any luck… I DO NOT find escorting morally reprehensible, I actually sincerely appreciate what they have done for my quality of life!

  13. Alberto Says:

    So… further to my previous post!
    Does anyone one know how I might find a suitable gal to help me in Prince Rupert?

  14. Hubbie Says:

    If any gal out there wants to email me for a date along the lines of the other postings, my email is [email protected] I’d rather pay for a good date than have an affair and lose my marriage. I can meet anywhere west of Houston…

  15. Robert Says:

    I to like the company of an escort from time to time. Unfortunately in Prince Rupert they are hard to come by. Anyone know of any ladies that they know would do this even if they are not a professional?

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