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Why I lost my virginity to an escort from The Kali Project in Prince George!

My secret is that I lost my virginity to an escort from The Kali Project in Prince George last year because I needed to get laid. Of course I have never told anyone about this but thank God for My Secrets site I can confess to it without anyone knowing who I am. I’ve never had any luck with girls. The only girl I have ever really connected with lives 6000 kilometers away in Norway and I only know her over the internet via Plenty of Fish dating site. If I hadn’t have lost my virginity with this escort, I’d have still be a virgin. No one really understands and wonders if there’s something wrong with you and how weird it is to still be a virgin when most of your friends have had several girlfriends by the time they are 25. This idea of waiting for someone special is a load crap. I think it’s fairly common for those who are late bloomers to lose virginity to an escort. Most just don’t admit it. Really what woman is going to want to see a man who can’t perform in bed by choice when there are lots of other men who know what they’re doing? It is especially true in Prince George. You will not find a girl for you if you are a nerd or not *cool* enough.

I don’t regret losing my virginity to this escort from The Kali Project at all. The first time was pretty weird to be honest. But the escort was nice and understanding. She knew what she was doing. After we finished I sort of realized that sex is no big deal really. I don’t feel any particular shame for losing it that way, I don’t believe there’s anything wrong with paying for sex. Paying up front for an hour of a girl’s time is not really different from a regular relationship, where you take her out for dinner, be nice for few hours, pretend to be someone you are not just to get into her pants. If anything paying her upfront and being yourself is more honest.


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4 Responses to “Why I lost my virginity to an escort from The Kali Project in Prince George!”

  1. Jack Fountain Says:

    Yo dude, that’s a story with a happy ending. All the power to you. PG is probably the easiest town to get laid in I have ever lived. And I have never bought an escort either. But I understand and respect it, cause a guy’s gotta get the pink stinky, and escorts make it was easier than wine & dining some other slut… and you don’t need to throw them $2 in bus fare after just to get rid of them.

  2. disabled university student Says:

    Hi, man even I didn’t lose my virginity to an escort I know what you mean. Being a university student with a disability even when people want to be my friend they don’t want to be in bed with me. I had Vicki she awesome in fact over the two times we got together she feel comfortable to me her real name and she is getting her life in order now, we might even date if I have ever see her again. Plus I tell everyone who ask about relationship and so that I have slept with escorts because I call them my teachers who better to learn from than professional. Cheers,

  3. Lexii Says:

    Hey there. Well I am an escort and I gotta say I think that would be the best way to lose your virignity. There is no shame in using escort services. Majority of the people I have the utmost respect for are the ones I meet in my line of work. It also takes a mature person to accept these services which makes me click more with the people who do use escorts. That way I know they won’t judge. Im happy you had a good experience 🙂 You had a good time and enjoyed yourself so who cares what other people think or say. 🙂

  4. kaysha Says:

    i have a few guy friends who have had escorts take their virginity they do not mind it at all 🙂 thats neat you did that.

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