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Losing virginity to an escort in Prince George

I’m 21 years old and I lost my virginity to an escort. I was looking for a place to get this off my chest and finally found My Secrets site. Seeing that others are on the same boat as me, I thought I would share my story. I do not regret it even for a second. She was simply amazing. I was living in Fort St. John at the time and when I looked for escorts in Fort St. John there was none. I then searched for escorts in Quesnel with no luck. I had family members in Prince George so with hesitation I looked for escorts in Prince George. I found few on Craigslist and came across Black Orchid and The Kali Project in Prince George. So I booked myself a room at the Sandman hotel in Prince George and booked an escort from the Black Orchid Agency. When she arrived I found that she was drop dead gorgeous. She was easily the most attractive woman I’d ever seen in life. She was 24 years old, 5’8″, blue eyes, blonde hair, natural 32D breasts (or so I thought), she could have been a model; made me wonder for a second why she decided become an escort. I am glad she did though. I am about to lose my virginity to her and I am paying for it.

The experience was great. I told that I was a virgin and she just said ok. She didn’t even make a face when I told her that. She actually seemed like she was excited to hear she will deflower a virgin. She was willing to “show me the ropes”. She was warm and friendly. I was nervous and she put me at ease with conversation and a drink of beer. She told me to just relax, close my eyes and lay on the bed. She undressed me slowly and gave me the first blowjob ever. It was a very comfortable way to lose my virginity but I felt detached from her. Probably the thought of the expense was getting the best of me. There was no emotional connection. In the end I had done everything I always wanted to do with a girl. She wanted me to use condom for the intercourse and it was great as far as I can remember. It felt like I was complete after the session. Also not to mention I felt so more confident after as well. At the end she just asked how that was. I told her it was great. She said have a great evening, smiled and left. Never saw her again! Why wouldn’t someone lose virginity to an escort? There was no dramas no head games nothing. One of the best experiences I had for sure.

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One Response to “Losing virginity to an escort in Prince George”

  1. Markus Says:

    I read this exact article, had the same problem, i went out a week later and done exactly what you have done, thanks bro, it was awsome i must say. =)

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