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Neighbor lady flashed me for years: Voyeurism almost went wrong

Was doing yard work over ten years ago when my sexy MILF neighbor stood right up to her bedroom window topless, shocked and amazed the sight caused my jaw to drop and the stuff I was carrying. Chuckled over it after recovering from the shock thinking it was an accident and she was probably mortified since she was very moral conservative and Christian. These accidental flashes continued and got longer and longer until realizing she was showing off intentionally, from then on when she was naked at her window I just openly stared without hiding the fact. Working with noisy power tools seemed to turn her on even more, sometimes she would stand there fully nude if she heard and saw me whipersniping. Getting somewhat obsessed with her sexy fuck-able body she teased me with, I recorded her show for proof in case I needed evidence of her intentional teasing, then I finally approached her. It didn’t go well and she acted very much the pure moral mom, she contacted the RCMP they gave me a warning. The cop was polite but clearly would have arrested me if she had asked him to. 0bviously she must have had some common sense and wasn’t completely nuts.

So let this be a lesson to others, just because a woman flashes you doesn’t mean she wants a good fucking. Often it is mental illness/anti depressant medication causing them to compulsively flash, just enjoy the show but never make contact with such head cases. Otherwise voyeurism will go wrong!


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