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Voyeurism: For boys next door in Sacramento

Growing up in Sacramento, California, there were a couple of boys that lived next door. I had a room on the main floor of the house with a large window. I could see their room from my bed and my bed was in their clear sight. During the summer I would open my window to allow the breeze in, which would mean leaving the binds open a little. The boys next door knew this and decided one night they would come see what they could see. They weren’t really quite to say the least, so I decided if they wanted to see I would give them a show and that’s what I did when I got ready for bed. I left the light on and was playing with myself in the bed. Knowing that they were watching, made it much more exciting. Not to mention this was not the last time they got to see me, now I am so addicted to voyeurism, that I wouldn’t miss a chance to do a show for anyone.

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