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My Neighbour’s Payment

This is the story of when I was around 14 years old and my father was trying to get me to grow up a little. I was your typical teenager that went to school and came back and played video games and all that other stuff but my dad didn’t like that much. He wanted me to go out and do things, even if I didn’t have to or even want to.

So, after a few failed ideas, my dad had gotten me a job working for our new neighbour and her name was (lets call her Britney – for confidential issues) and she was incredibly hot. I would sometimes find her sunbathing in her back yard in her bikini and watch her through a small crack in my curtain from my room. She was really hot for a thirty year old, twice my age but at the time, all hot women were the same age to me.

So yeah; my dad said that he had talked to Britney about me doing some house chores for her and so I went with it in hope that it would make him happy. I went over in the morning and knocked on the door and she answered in a quick moment.

“Hello Scott.” Britney said as she opened the door. I couldn’t talk for a moment due to her wearing only a bath robe and nothing else. Unfortunately; it was all tied up at the moment so I couldn’t see her boobs that I would kill to see at 14.

“Hi… Britney.” I said; sounding like an idiot as I tripped over my words and almost failing to look at her eyes and not trying to see if she would have a nipple slip.

“So I’ve been talking with your dad and he says that he wants you to do some chores for me.” Britney said as she guided me into her house. Wasn’t that bad of a house either, very spacious for a woman.

“Yeah; he wants me to grow up a little and stop playing games.” I said; partly I wasn’t complaining because I had gotten to see Britney in her bath robe. I saved that memory for the spank-bank for many years to come.

“Playing games yeah. I love playing games.” Britney said as she guided me to the back yard. Her ass was swaying a little much to be normal. Was she doing it on purpose or is she in a playful mood?

I went with her to the back yard and saw it; it was going to be a long day from the look of it. It was a jungle and I guess it was a job that would take a few hours with the ankle high grass, weeds growing on the fences and a few old trash things that the previous members left behind.

“I want you too clean all this up today and afterwards I’ll have something for you okay.” Britney said as she went back inside and turned on music and danced to it in her bath robe. As for me; I was left out here to cut grass, de-root weeds and pile the old trash into a few garbage bins.

For about 4 hours I was at it until I was finally finished. The grass was cut; weeds de-rooted and the trash in the bins. It looked like a good back yard again. I went inside and went to find Britney.

“Britney; I’m done in the back yard.” I said as I came into the lounge room and found a plate of sandwiches and a nice cup of cold water for me. Britney was just sitting there on the couch in her robe still.

“All done already? Very good, come and sit down with me. Now we have to discuss payment.” Britney said as she patted the spot next to her for me to sit down.

I came to her and sat down. Then suddenly as I sat; Britney straddled me and pinned me to the couch.

“What’s going on?” I asked a little scared and shocked.

“Well; I don’t think you would really want money for all the hard work you did. I saw you out there and I would say that all that work made you have a little tension down stairs. I’m guessing you need a little release.” Britney said as she parted her robe and revealed her boobs to me.

I was so taken back by them that I couldn’t speak even though I wanted to say so much at the time.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Pleasing the boy next door.” Britney said as she slid down my body until she was kneeling in front of me. She then took the robe off completely and I was so shocked but now extremely horny that I didn’t move.

“Britney I’m only 14 years old.” I said as she undid my zipper and started taking my pants off along with my boxers.

“I won’t tell if you won’t. I just love underage boys. And plus; would you really say no to me?” Britney asked and I then looked her over again and I could never say no to her. She was a full 10 for me and I had never had anything like this done to me. I’ve seen porn a few times but I would never expect me to be in this type of situation.

“Oh Britney.” I said as my mind shut off and my cock filled with blood so fast that I thought I was about to faint.

“That a boy.” Britney said as she took my pants and boxers to my ankles and grabbed my hard cock in her hands.

“Nice cock for a 14 year old.” Britney said as she started to gently jerk my cock in her hands. I was in heaven already as she stroked me up and down. I had only ever done this to myself but not that she was doing this to me, I was awoken to a new world of pleasure.

“I was just wondering… why you like underage boys?” I asked Britney as she now sped up her strokes.

“Well: I’ve always wanted to be a mommy but I can’t have children and somehow that turned into a taboo fantasy I wanted: To stroke young boys to climax over and over again. I’ve made so many young boys cum now that I don’t even look for people over 18, I’m just a dirty older woman looking for my next school boy to please.” Britney said as she kept on stroking me with her experienced hands.

“How many have you done and how do you do it?” I asked; this story was really getting me off that pre-cum was leaking out of my cock.

“Well; if you promise to keep it a secret, I’ll tell you.” Britney said with her lustful eyes.

“I promise.” I said and that was all I said.

“Well; sometimes I go out and find random boys walking home from school and get them into the car, go to a hidden place and then jerk them off in the back seat. I’ve even gone to the children’s ward of a hospital and milked a few boys there and said it was for the hospital. And now; I’ve got my neighbours kid over at my place and I’m going to make him cum over and over again.” Britney said as she smiled at me and I smiled back at her promise of multiple pleasings.

After about five minutes; I was about to cum and it felt so good.

“You about to cum? I’ve seen that face on many young boys so many times.” Britney said as she sped her strokes up to an incredible speed and cradled my balls with her other hand.

“Oh god; I’m gonna cum.” I said as I felt my cum rise up in my cock and then it happened. I came and I didn’t just cum; I came like a fountain. For a few reasons actually. It has been a few days since I came; Britney was a fantasy I’m living, her stories are hot as fuck and as I came, she squeezed my balls gently and forced more cum to shoot out.

For about 20 seconds; I came in Britney’s hands and she pleasured me into a new world of bliss. My eyes were shut for most of the orgasm so I couldn’t really tel the look on her face but the greatfull moans were good from what I could remember.

After I calmed down from my orgasmic high; Britney looked at me with lust and a sneaky smile.

“You don’t think we’re done here do you?” Britney said.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Well; I don’t just please boys once and send them on their way home. I milk them until they can’t walk anymore and I have to drive them home.” Britney said as she used the cum I just came on her hands to lube up her cleavage.

“Wait; your going-” But before I could finish; Britney spoke.

“I’m going to titty fuck you; blow you, fuck you and then maybe even give you my ass before you leave. Young boys can last so much longer than men and have so much more built up tension that I can milk out of them.” Britney said as she squeezed her boobs around my cock and yet again; I was in heaven.

For about three hours; Britney and I were on that couch in total bliss. She did every single thing to me that she said that she was going to do and I loved it. I came a total of five times that day and all due to Britney, my hot as neighbour next door. She was right to; after all that fucking; I couldn’t walk right when I went home, and that was just next door. I lost my virginity to that woman and many other innocent things to her too.

After a great sleep and a big breakfast; I was over the very next day to clean her house. And after that; there was another milking session that went for hours and in different positions.

My dad was proud of me growing up but he never knew that I went over to fuck the next door neighbour multiple times. He honestly thought I was working on her house when really I was cumming five times a day.

For the 2 years it was like this until she moved again and that was a harsh day. She had me addicted to her like a drug and after she left, it was cold turkey and back to me stroking the turkey in memory of her. Funny thing too; I never knew her last name so I couldn’t look her up.

Good thing though; I had run into others that she had fucked over the years and they too were looking for her. A naughty neighbour into underage sex is great. A true taboo fantasy for the ages.

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