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Growing up in Catholic family and how I learned about boy – girl difference

Well this happened when I was quite young about 9 or 10. I grew up in a very conservative Catholic family so I wasn’t very aware about the differences between boys and girls. I was also in a Catholic school and my friends didn’t like talking about that stuff. I was quite curious about it nonetheless.

Anyway, the lack of that information left me with a burning curiosity. I once tried peeping on my sister in the shower but was caught. One day when I was sick at home and my mom had run to the shops, my neighbour’s daughter Laura came over because she had been locked out of her house. She was 2 years older than me and already had breasts.

Laura was banging on the door quite desperately. When I let her in she said she had to use the bathroom really bad. I told her where to go. Walking to see whether she had found it, I came to see and saw inside the toilet yanking her shorts down. She hadn’t closed the door and I let out a gasp in shock. Immediately I stammered and apologised furiously. I turned away but could hear her sigh and the force with which her pee hit the water. Laura didn’t even blink saying that it was ok for me to see her like that.

In fact, she told me to come in the bathroom! Nervously doing as she asked, I went in as I watched her pee. This was a new experience for me. Imagine to my surprise when I looked at her parted legs and saw her vagina! I asked her why she didn’t have a penis and she explained the difference. When she wiped, she stood up to give me a clearer view. I will have that moment etched in my memory forever . She spread her lips and told me it was ok if I got up close. I peered at her vagina completely fascinated. Unfortunately for me the sound of my mom entering the house had Laura yanking up her pants and me running for my room. Laura never exposed herself to me again no matter how many times I asked, but for me that one time was magical.

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