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Acting on “rape” fantasy from Ashley Madison in California

One of my most memorable secret hookups was helping a woman live out a fantasy of being “raped.” I met her on Ashley Madison in California. Right from the beginning we connected. We decided to not see each other and instead act on our fantasy. I never saw a picture of her and she never saw mine. I took precautions to make sure she was who she said she was by chatting with her. We just had that connection. So one night when her husband was away, I showed up at her door about 3am, the key was where she said it was, in the mailbox outside of her door. I let myself in started looking for her bedroom. It’s such an exciting feeling, walking into a stranger’s house at night when everyone’s asleep. I found her room, and saw her sleeping form in her bed. She was pretending to sleep of course. But it was real for me. I stood over her for about a minute, listening to her breathing. I acted on our plan. She woke up with my knees between her legs and one of my hands on her mouth the other on her throat. I told her she was a fucking whore, who deserved everything she was about to get. We could only see each other’s shadow in the dark. But I could feel the excitement of her fantasy being acted upon through her skin. She moaned and tried to get away from my grip, my hand went between her legs from throat. I slapped her across her face and asked her to be quiet. I told her if she screamed I will hurt her. Then when I started fucking her I told her how good she was making me feel good. Of course it all was acted upon based on a plan. But it was all so real. Just unbelievable rush. After a while I came on her. Then I left. Later we talked and realized, we both enjoyed it a lot. She asked me to come back and “rape” her again anytime I wanted.


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