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Planned my own rape fantasy

I’ve had a rape fantasy pretty much since I became sexually active when I was 18. I became involved in the BDSM lifestyle about the time I became sexually active. Most of my relationships have had some element of power play or at least rough/kinky sex with older men.

I recently started talking to a “friend” I met on Ashley Madison affair site in Vancouver. He is married, 19 years older than me but yet I find him attractive. I’m not sure how we got on the topic but I did share my rape fantasy with him. He seemed very curious as he is a dom but his wife wouldn’t participate into anything like that. We talked about it a lot. A few days later we got to talking about it over Ashley Madison chat and he asked me to share some details. So I did. I told him what my fantasy is, I told him how I want it to play out. After hearing all these, he said he’d be willing to work with me on this fantasy.

Here is the plan: He gave me three possible days (without telling me exactly what day) in which he’ll be waiting for me as well as a time I need to be home by. We’ve talked about do’s and don’ts. We’ve set up a safe word. We’ve agreed he can use a knife or a pair of scissors to cut off my clothing, but no blood. He’s going to gag me with my panties so I can still force the safe word out if I need to. Moderate forced oral is okay but if it goes well he will throat fuck me, but not to the point of puking. He’s allowed to tie my hands or use duct tape. Light face slapping, biting, hair pulling is allowed. Talking dirty like “little whore” or “dirty slut” was allowed. I’m allowed to put up an essentially fake fight, but if I genuinely hurt him in the process we will stop. He’s allowed to finish inside me since I’m on birth control. But he also had the option to finish on my face of body. That part will remain a surprise. After he finishes, he will leave.

Can’t wait for this to happen!


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One Response to “Planned my own rape fantasy”

  1. Yellowflash Says:

    I like to join in ur fantasy too.. im in vancouver area..

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