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Fantasy of raping someone in Prince George

I’ve always wanted to find a girl who was interested in a rape fantasy or any other role-playing fantasies. It will be totally with a stranger, so we won’t know what each other look like till the fantasy is done. Prince George is such a small town; I don’t think I would ever find anyone here. I would make sure she really wants it, we would plan for it, set up a safety word, then a couple nights later I might sneak in through her window wearing a mask and I’d tie her to her bed, blindfold her, and rape her. Thought of it gives me the shiver. Dont know why fantasy of raping someone is so intense when raping is a bad thing in real!


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One Response to “Fantasy of raping someone in Prince George”

  1. jillian Says:

    Hmmmmmmm i must say that sounds like alot of fun…..i got the chills and got soaked reading your post

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