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I want to have sex in Fairmont Hotel at Vancouver Airport

I am in the process of enticing my wife into some anonymous exhibitionism. We are flying to Vancouver from Prince George and going to be staying in Vancouver airport’s Fairmont hotel for the weekend in few weeks. I heard it overlooks the airport and the city of Vancouver. We are going to get all dressed up for the night. She’s going to be dressed in a hot dress with seamed thigh-highs and heels. So this is my fantasy. I want to be on the top floor and at night after we get come back to our room, blindfold her, press her against the window, slowly and sensually expose her while I have sex with her. I don’t know if anyone from the planes will see us or not but it adds to the excitement. The thought of entire world to see us or getting caught by the grounds crew at the airport is something very exhilarating.

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