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Cheated on my wife with cousin’s girlfriend

Wednesday, December 17th, 2014

My cousin and his 18 year old girlfriend came over for some drinks, we decided to have a little party, just the 4 of us. At about 2 am I went upstairs and passed out. At about 4 am I was sexually awoken. As my hands where playing with some breasts, while spooning and I realized they were not my wife’s but my cousin’s girlfriend. This girl was younger and about 110lbs, she was so sexy and tiny you would’ t believe she was 18, That’s what was so hot.

Mike’s (my cousin) girlfriend Ashley somehow came into my bed and was now naked wearing just a thong pressing her ass into my cock. Sleeping away. In my drunken state I was trying to figure out what was going on, where was my wife? and my cock started to betray me. It started getting harder and harder.

I was still very drunk and my head was cloudy. I Was 27 and been with my wife for 7 years. Never thought of cheating, and I no know that If it presented itself I am weak. I never thought I would cheat on my wife, but I knew I would take the risk if opportunity presented itself.

I pulled down her thong to the side and slid my cock into her wet pussy. She pushed back with a drunken passed out moan. Truthfully I wasn’t sure if she thought I was her boyfriend or not. I didnt care, I sunk my hard cock deep into her smooth tight pussy. It felt amazingly different then my wifes. I rolled her over onto her stomach and started pumping her hard. She woke up moaning. She was telling me to fuck her hard and cum in her pussy, and thats what I did. pulled her tight and came harder than I have ever cummed. I rolled off her and after a few seconds she said “your not Mike” I said and “your not my wife” she then proceeded to clean my cock with her mouth and got me hard again and climbed on and road my cock to another orgasm.

After this she went into the spare bedroom and joined her boyfriend. I got up to check on my wife and she was passed out on the couch. In the morning we all woke up and they left, before leaving I said “nice meeting you”

She is now the mother of his child (not mine, timing is way off) and the are no longer together but for 5 years I have hide this secret. I kept the secret that I cheated on my wife with my cousin’s girlfriend! Thinking about that night still gets me hard.

Never Cheated again, in 5 years.

Planned my own rape fantasy

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

I’ve had a rape fantasy pretty much since I became sexually active when I was 18. I became involved in the BDSM lifestyle about the time I became sexually active. Most of my relationships have had some element of power play or at least rough/kinky sex with older men.

I recently started talking to a “friend” I met on Ashley Madison affair site in Vancouver. He is married, 19 years older than me but yet I find him attractive. I’m not sure how we got on the topic but I did share my rape fantasy with him. He seemed very curious as he is a dom but his wife wouldn’t participate into anything like that. We talked about it a lot. A few days later we got to talking about it over Ashley Madison chat and he asked me to share some details. So I did. I told him what my fantasy is, I told him how I want it to play out. After hearing all these, he said he’d be willing to work with me on this fantasy.

Here is the plan: He gave me three possible days (without telling me exactly what day) in which he’ll be waiting for me as well as a time I need to be home by. We’ve talked about do’s and don’ts. We’ve set up a safe word. We’ve agreed he can use a knife or a pair of scissors to cut off my clothing, but no blood. He’s going to gag me with my panties so I can still force the safe word out if I need to. Moderate forced oral is okay but if it goes well he will throat fuck me, but not to the point of puking. He’s allowed to tie my hands or use duct tape. Light face slapping, biting, hair pulling is allowed. Talking dirty like “little whore” or “dirty slut” was allowed. I’m allowed to put up an essentially fake fight, but if I genuinely hurt him in the process we will stop. He’s allowed to finish inside me since I’m on birth control. But he also had the option to finish on my face of body. That part will remain a surprise. After he finishes, he will leave.

Can’t wait for this to happen!

How secretly videotaping wife became part of foreplay!

Saturday, June 9th, 2012

I started to secretly videotaping my wife some 10 years ago after watching she meets guys through different adult sites such as Ashley Madison in Vancouver. It was not long before she discovered the camera. I thought she would be mad after all taping her on video was not part of the deal. To my surprise, she said it was a great turn on. We ended up with the camera pointed at us both as she gave me a blowjob. She was very wet by the time I took her doggy style. Since then we have done many video or still picture filming. We also met many more males, females, and couples through the sites. We would check them out and make sure they have no objections to what we have in mind. After that we watch the films as a form of foreplay. Then we film ourselves. Unfortunately many were lost when an old computer crashed but we have been able to start new collection.

It is amazing how many other people out there enjoy the same thing as my wife and I. There are so many couples we have found who are willing to swap partners and make videos. Some of the men in the couples have even sucked my cock on tape and while our wives watched. I have not done that and it is not something I think I will do but you never know. I like sex in general and everything turns me on.

Plenty of fish is full of plenty of loser women

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

I gave up on dating sites and trying getting a girl. It’s not worth it. Too much work. I’m glad there’s a place to share my thoughts about Plenty of Fish (POF). The women are often single moms and misrepresent themselves. I met someone on POF from Prince George. I grew up there so I thought it would be a great place to settle or find THE ONE. We chatted for a long time and seemed like we were meant for each other. Once I asked for full body shot of hers but she freaked. I thought to myself, maybe I shouldn’t be worried about it and believe everything she said. So I travelled to Prince George from Vancouver last weekend to meet her. I should have known with her pictures being all head shots, no full body shots. Talked on the phone & via text, seemed way more appealing. Described as “a few extra pounds” which can mean plus-size or a little chubby. Anyway, she walks in the restaurant and she was HUGE! I was being mean in my head and thought; she found the extra few pounds of 10 other people. I was a gentleman about it though and we actually had a nice lunch but I knew this would be the first and only date with her. I was totally disappointed the way she represented her over internet. Thankfully she hasn’t been bugging me since. I guess she is waiting for me to make the next move … which is a no move for me. I probably get the fewest replies because I’m blunt in my profile. I flat out say that I’m “not looking to be anyone’s sugar daddy.” At least I’m not wasting my time & money with potential gold-miners.

The single mothers on the site are looking for someone to father their kids. Sorry, mama but I’m not interested. You may claim you’re not looking for a father to marry and get child support if the relationship was to tank later on but we all know that’s a crock. That is exactly what you are looking for. About the READ/DELETED … it is very common. It is even more frustrating when they view your profile multiple times a week but won’t respond. Head games continue.

I am a voyeur but not a traditional one

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

I like to watch others having sex or being intimate in front of me. I also like to be watched. Whether it is on a webcam or in person it really is exiting. Taking part in group sex is very exhilarating for me. I am not a voyeur in the traditional sense of the word but I have had the pleasure of having sex amidst lots of other people who are having sex and I can tell you that the sights and sounds of sex are very exciting to me. I feed off other people’s passion, fueling my own passion, and I get caught up in the scene. This is the only reason I moved from a smaller northern town named Prince George to a much bigger town Vancouver. Lot of fantasies can come true here. I have met my current boyfriend on AshelyMadison and things are going great since.

The sight of a woman taking a thick hard cock is incredibly arousing to see. I imagine myself in her position and that gets me horny. That is why I think porno industry makes so much money. It gives you the opportunity to fantasize. Having sex, while watching others have sex, and allowing them to watch you back, is an almost spiritual, soulful event, as if you are in worship service, and you are celebrating life. I love the idea of voyeurism. I wish more people out there were openly voyeur and embrace the voyeurism lifestyle.