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Plenty of fish is full of plenty of loser women

I gave up on dating sites and trying getting a girl. It’s not worth it. Too much work. I’m glad there’s a place to share my thoughts about Plenty of Fish (POF). The women are often single moms and misrepresent themselves. I met someone on POF from Prince George. I grew up there so I thought it would be a great place to settle or find THE ONE. We chatted for a long time and seemed like we were meant for each other. Once I asked for full body shot of hers but she freaked. I thought to myself, maybe I shouldn’t be worried about it and believe everything she said. So I travelled to Prince George from Vancouver last weekend to meet her. I should have known with her pictures being all head shots, no full body shots. Talked on the phone & via text, seemed way more appealing. Described as “a few extra pounds” which can mean plus-size or a little chubby. Anyway, she walks in the restaurant and she was HUGE! I was being mean in my head and thought; she found the extra few pounds of 10 other people. I was a gentleman about it though and we actually had a nice lunch but I knew this would be the first and only date with her. I was totally disappointed the way she represented her over internet. Thankfully she hasn’t been bugging me since. I guess she is waiting for me to make the next move … which is a no move for me. I probably get the fewest replies because I’m blunt in my profile. I flat out say that I’m “not looking to be anyone’s sugar daddy.” At least I’m not wasting my time & money with potential gold-miners.

The single mothers on the site are looking for someone to father their kids. Sorry, mama but I’m not interested. You may claim you’re not looking for a father to marry and get child support if the relationship was to tank later on but we all know that’s a crock. That is exactly what you are looking for. About the READ/DELETED … it is very common. It is even more frustrating when they view your profile multiple times a week but won’t respond. Head games continue.

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