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Want to be an escort

Like another post I read earlier, I am thinking of becoming an escort. I am tired of all the struggling I am doing at the lousy job I have. Not getting anywhere. I want to leave Medicine Hat because I do not like it here, but the main thing is I am forever struggling with money. I love sex, so why not get paid to get laid? We give it away at times when we are single, so why not make a few bucks doing? And get ahead a little? Instead of struggling at a job that pays nothing and is getting me no where!

If it is done decently and respectfully then why not? Tired of being broke all the time, do not have money for this or that? I am not expecting to become wealthy off this, but to make a little extra cash to actually enjoy a little bit of life? Why not? I am very, very attractive for my age, thin and curvy, sharp looks, why not?

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