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Thinking of Escorting in Nanaimo

I am seriously considering escorting in Nanaimo. I am 24 years old and enrolled in Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo, BC. I have been thinking about escorting for weeks or maybe even months. The money and lifestyle intrigues me also, I want to explore the amazing Nanaimo or entire British Columbia or Canada and meet men with a lot of money. I also love sex. I am so tired of being broke all the time. A lot of agencies on the internet claim that their “models” are only for companionship. I looked on different escort sites from different towns like Kali Project and Black Orchid in Prince George, Heavenly Bliss, All Pro Escorts, Ladies N lace in Nanaimo. Looks like they get type of clients who want you to pretend like you are their girlfriend in front of friends, or need a date for a business event, or just want a dinner date, attend parties, or just need to blow off some steam after a hard week of work etc. This sound so tempting but have a feeling it is too good to be true. I also worry about getting caught and am scared for life. Is there an agency that actually does follow that and not pressure the girls to do anything sexual? I love sex but that is not something I will be comfortable with right of the bet. Does anyone know any good legit agencies that only take upscale clients? Do you get paid by the agency or the client?

Most importantly, I am scared for my safety. I want to be safe from the owners of agency and also the clients. Is it better to go to an agency that is run by a woman? If so, which one? Or should I consider doing it independently?

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2 Responses to “Thinking of Escorting in Nanaimo”

  1. Hayli Says:

    well sweetie I have been in the biz for 6 yrs now. I have been through the kali, black orchid, heavenly and independent. Yes they all advertise that you are there for company, but lets put it this way. If that’s what you are only looking for you wont last long. In any case the life style is nice and the most men are very kind. I started to put my self threw college and did well. Its a good way to get a head with out depending on anyone for help. I found no one owns anyone and its all professional. You give you get. The client pays for your time yes and its up to you what you do or offer, but remember why would he see you if that’s all hes getting when everyone else offers everything. That’s why U wouldn’t last long unless you step your game up hun. I feel better with a agency then on my own as its safer and more respectful plus they offer you services you need like an in call, supply’s and a safety net when in and out and a driver if needed. Its up to you though and what you feel is right. If you like more info let me know.

  2. JMan Says:

    If you are still interested in escorting, hit me back with an email…I am in nanaimo, 28 years old, tall, well built,dark hair, blue eyes and make lots of money….Maybe we could set somthing up?

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