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Sex in the SUV while driving to Mackenzie from Prince George

I don’t know if it’s the thought of getting caught that makes it so much better but I love the excitement of having sex in the car while my husband and I are on long drives. I try to do it whenever I can but I have to talk my husband into it. We were driving home to Mackenzie from Prince George on Highway 97 North. I think we were in Bear Lake. I crawled in the last row of our SUV and started playing with myself. I told my husband to look in the rear view mirror and to concentrate on the road at the same time. He asked what I was doing I told him I was getting wet for him and I wanted his big cock in my mouth. We got to a pullover for campers for garbage disposal. He came to the back I lowered his pants and started to suck him. He was hard, excited but nervous in fear of getting caught. It was still day light out. I told him not to worry and just take me doggie style on the seat so we could see if anyone was coming.

Once he put the head of his penis in me I felt my juices running down my inner thigh. 10 minutes of fucking with him pulling my hair and calling me dirty bitch and whore I came twice. When he started to cum I turned around took his cock in my mouth to suck the sweet hot juices all up leaving no evidence of what had happened. The taste of both our juices was so good I shared a kiss with him.

That was the most amazing 2 hrs drive ever to Mackenzie. Good old times.

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