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Sex in the SUV while driving to Mackenzie from Prince George

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

I don’t know if it’s the thought of getting caught that makes it so much better but I love the excitement of having sex in the car while my husband and I are on long drives. I try to do it whenever I can but I have to talk my husband into it. We were driving home to Mackenzie from Prince George on Highway 97 North. I think we were in Bear Lake. I crawled in the last row of our SUV and started playing with myself. I told my husband to look in the rear view mirror and to concentrate on the road at the same time. He asked what I was doing I told him I was getting wet for him and I wanted his big cock in my mouth. We got to a pullover for campers for garbage disposal. He came to the back I lowered his pants and started to suck him. He was hard, excited but nervous in fear of getting caught. It was still day light out. I told him not to worry and just take me doggie style on the seat so we could see if anyone was coming.

Once he put the head of his penis in me I felt my juices running down my inner thigh. 10 minutes of fucking with him pulling my hair and calling me dirty bitch and whore I came twice. When he started to cum I turned around took his cock in my mouth to suck the sweet hot juices all up leaving no evidence of what had happened. The taste of both our juices was so good I shared a kiss with him.

That was the most amazing 2 hrs drive ever to Mackenzie. Good old times.

Divorcing my husband to be with the guy I am having affair with

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

My secret is that I may be divorcing my husband to be with guy I am having affair with. I have been in a relationship for over 3 years and been married with the same guy for over 7 years. My secret is that I am not feeling the love for my husband anymore.

I grew up in Mackenzie but moved to Quesnel with my husband. A friend and I had an affair a couple years ago. It was supposed to be sex only when my husband was out of town. No feelings or anything. Not long after I confessed that I was growing feelings for him. At first he wanted to keep it with no strings, and then he said he wanted me for himself and that he was growing feelings for me too. We tried to stay friends because I am still married, but lately he’s wanted me to come visit him in Prince George. He also suggested I divorce my husband and go stay with him in Prince George or move to somewhere else with him. My husband and I are on shaky grounds even after several years together. My friend has always treated me well and never made me cry. My husband goes out of his way to cause me pain. I’ve always loved them both, but I’m starting to fall out of love with my husband. My husband doesnt know any of it yet, I just pretend that everything is ok even after he treats me badly. I know I deserve better than my husband but I feel like a dirty whore somedays. I dont regret it at all though. We don’t have any children together so it may be easier to cut my losses but I don’t know if my friend will commit to me or not but I love the intimacy we have together.

Threesome with another man in Prince George

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

My secret is the threesome we had with another man. I’m married and always wanted to have another man in bed with my wife and I. To fulfill this fantasy, I talked with my wife and we both extensively discussed everything. Then we decided to start using online dating sites such as Plenty of Fish, Ashley Madison, and Meet Locals. Not to mention we received a lot of responses from each of the Plenty of Fish, Ashley Madison and fling profiles from Quesnel, Prince George, Prince Rupert, Fort St. John, Terrace, Williams Lake, Dawson Creek, Mackenzie, Kamloops, Kelowna, Vancouver, and Victoria. That was our search criteria anyway where we wanted guys to contact us from only Northern British Columbia. We ended up chatting with over 40 of the guys. It was like an interview. We became friends with many of the respondents and we are still chatting.

This past summer we fulfilled our threesome fantasy. One of the guys we met was from Prince George and we met him from Ashley Madison.  So we became friends. We were at his house for a barbeque, and all of drank a lot. His wife passed out. Who had no clue this guy had an account on Ashley Madison to look for sex on the side. We kept it that way.

While he was putting his wife to bed I started kissing and making out with my wife in the den. When he came back, I had my wife on the floor still kissing her. Seeing him return, I started to undress her. She did not object. Before long she was on the floor completely naked. I started to have oral sex with her and motioned him to join us. He stripped and came down on the floor and started to kiss her, play with her breasts. Don’t know what it was but seems like she liked it as we both heard the moan. That turned me on even more. I saw that she was fondling with his dick. Soon he put his dick in her mouth and started to get a blow job. We switched positions and he started to have oral sex with her while she gave me a blow job. Before the evening was over we both had sex with her. After he came inside her I had sex with her. Holy shit it was hot. The feeling of warm cum inside her something I can’t forget. We have not had another threesome since then but him and my wife are having sex regularly and I enjoy watching them.

I will make you pay for sex one way or another!

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

I have been trying to date for the last two years but dating in Northern British Columbia has not been fun. The men up here are true rednecks. Most of the men that are my age only want sex. They either already have a family or are getting too old to have one. At one point I was getting sick and tired of all these guys only wanting sex with me. I love having sex but one night stands with guys that you meet on Plenty of Fish was not something I wanted to do.

But then I had an idea one night. I can’t ask these guys for money as then I would think of myself as a hooker but if I was taking things without them knowing until after I left. Well I do not feel so bad about that.

I currently have 5 different profiles on POF and really I am there only to look for guys who want to have sex. There are some rules that I follow so I don’t get caught. They have to be willing to have me over at their place as it is the only way that it works for me. I never give them any personal information. I park my car down the road from their place and once I have been with them I close my POF account and move on.

Once I get in the house I look for things I can slip into my purse while they are not looking. I have walked out with a few things; cds, dvds, sports memorabilia, etc. One night I was over at a guys place and he fell asleep after we had sex, and I was able to clean him out. He had $500 cash in his wallet (the only time I have taken money), a new dvd player, and a few expensive sports items (a signed Gretzky Card). Yep I took them all and never looked back.

I don’t do this often but when I do I figure getting some things that I need and want out of it. It is a Dog Eat Dog world out there and if they want to get sex without paying cash for it, I figure I should get something in return.

Im using my dad’s death to get sex

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

My dad passed away the other day. I did not really know him so it is like a long lost uncle who has passed away. However, I am using this to my advantage. I have taken time off work so I have several days off and I am getting paid for it. I have also told a few ladies that I know that my dad has passed away. They all of course feel bad for me. And I tell them that I really need someone to hold me; that I need to “cuddle up” with someone. And they all seem to want to help me. I have had more sex over the last few days then I have had in a long time. I know it sounds bad to be calling up several different women but really they want to be there to help me. Most women want to be that shoulder you cry on. I never thought that my dad would be great for something. He left when I was 7 and I never seen him since. I guess he was able to help me after all. I should have thought about this years ago!!