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Im using my dad’s death to get sex

My dad passed away the other day. I did not really know him so it is like a long lost uncle who has passed away. However, I am using this to my advantage. I have taken time off work so I have several days off and I am getting paid for it. I have also told a few ladies that I know that my dad has passed away. They all of course feel bad for me. And I tell them that I really need someone to hold me; that I need to “cuddle up” with someone. And they all seem to want to help me. I have had more sex over the last few days then I have had in a long time. I know it sounds bad to be calling up several different women but really they want to be there to help me. Most women want to be that shoulder you cry on. I never thought that my dad would be great for something. He left when I was 7 and I never seen him since. I guess he was able to help me after all. I should have thought about this years ago!!


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