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Dictator at work – at a small town British Columbia

I rent office space in a small office building. It consists of a well needed service within our community providing support to families. I have been within this office for the past three years. I have seen three executive directors of this organization in that time.

The first was determined with an understanding of company morale and equal opportunities. Then she left to be with her family more.

The next was a charmer, talked a big game but never followed through. Was found more often than not off on some meeting that no one ever know about. He had no social boundaries and often offended many of the employees with comments about their cultural background or religious beliefs. Needless to say he moved on to bigger and brighter things.

Now the office has a new executive director. One with a resume apparently quite impressive. Yet in my opinion a number of jobs within a short time frame. This would lead me to suspicion. He entered the organization, friendly, outgoing, welcoming and the signs of a great leader. Within a few months the tables have turned. He has hired a new manager that as sweet as she is, really knows little about her position. Yet as I would say “naive enough to follow suit”. He has begun to slowly eliminate postitions in order to hire new staff who in my opinion he can bully into his agenda.

My office has now become the local crying spot as the veteran staff come to me to release, vent and pour out their emotions as they see their careers coming to an end. He has now advertised and eliminated a position of one who has been here 17 years. Not giving her a chance as it is requiring a university degree, not something she is going to attain in her late 50’s. Basically stating that her job is no longer hers. Leaving her to grieve as how she will pay for her children’s university, her retirement, and her lifes needs. She is a hard worker and an effective employee, yet without a degree makes her not something this small town organization now is looking for. Another position filled by a qualified person with a degree and furthering education has been given 2 months to finish that education or their position is also given to another. After 10 years within the community providing stable care for families. Having established relationships, networks and a face in this small town. The outsider executive comes in causing this once free sailing ship with hard workers to quickly sink. Lives are being ruined, families are affected and his heart is missing. He is ruining what this small town has established. Bringing outsiders into our community who we all know will not stick around. Who we know will not establish that bond these steadfast, dedicated employees have built. The wool is being pulled over the communities eyes, the board of directors and the new employees. This man is a tyrant. This man is after one thing. Who can I impress. What can I do to change this small town, effective organization, to become big and fancy on paper. To build a great resume down the road for myself. So I can move and leave the once strong individuals that build this organization broken. Should I shout it to the rooftops. I don’t know.

For now it is something I keep to myself and be as much a support as I can to these poor down trodden individuals.


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One Response to “Dictator at work – at a small town British Columbia”

  1. curious Says:

    shout it from the rooftops. we are a small community and it takes only one individual to ruin it for many. He sounds like someone I worked with in a small non profit years ago. He was in an exec position and he did the exact same thing. I wonder if you are referring to the same person.

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