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My boy friend thinks I am a security guard

Since I learned about sex I wanted to become an escort. I finally became one when I turned 21. I live in a small northern community in British Columbia. I lived in Quesnel and Prince George. For anonymity I will not say where I am.

I always wanted to know if I could be an escort or high end hooker. I first wanted to do it my own. I even put up some ads at local craigslist and kijiji in Prince George area at the time. I received a lot of responses but I never followed through because I was nervous. I, then, joined an agency in the town I live in. First time was very nerve wracking but once I got into it, I loved it. I walked out $250 richer after about 45 minutes which included tips. But I had to give my cuts to the agency so I ended up with $150 but still it was good.

Couple of months ago I met my boyfriend. I didn’t tell him what I do. Just told him I work as a security guard in town. He went with it. Every time my phone would ring from the agency I make an excuse saying alarm bell went off so I have to go check it out. He still has no clue. He is surprised how well my work pays to have my own house, car and have no debt. I know its morally wrong but he is such a good guy I don’t want to ruin anything.

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