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Sex Education in Beaver Crossing, Quebec

I am a 16 year old male. So of course the most important things on my mind are breasts and getting laid. A couple years ago I had to go to summer school. Lucky for me my teacher was smokin. She was hot blonde with the most fantastic boobs I had seen. Thankfully my mother worked late and I stayed at the school an hour later than the other students. I was alone one day with only myself and my smoking hot teacher. She gave me a look that sent my cock to attention. Right there I could tell she liked me . We began to touch each other and it began to get hotter. The touching lead to necking and that led to fantastic sex. She was as good as I imagined. We parted ways and to this day I keep the secret of who my sexy “instructor” was.

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One Response to “Sex Education in Beaver Crossing, Quebec”

  1. Billybob Says:

    I do not believe that a 16 year old boy wrote this article.

    The spelling is too good and the sentence structure is better than any highschool kid I have ever met can offer in terms of writing an article like this.

    16 year olds who experience sex as you do – do not write in this fashion.

    Stop the bullshit.

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