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My egoistic teacher of Prince George Secondary School (PGSS)

I am 15 years old female, going to Prince George Secondary School (PGSS) in Prince George. My secrets is that I hate my teacher. I just hate her, but almost everyone in my class worships her and thinks she is awesome. Maybe she is but still just not a good teacher. There are some others who hate her too but she has a teacher’s pet that she treats like a queen. This pet would rat everyone out, we all know it but no one says anything about it. She is also one of those girls who would sleep with everyone, which makes her popular in all the wrong sense. This teacher wants us to ask more questions, but never (and I seriously mean NEVER) lets us answer. She would just put everyone down who doesn’t like her. In my opinion, she deserves a good kick in the ass and a shave off at least 90% of her ego.

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