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I hate that we can’t be together

I’ve fallen in love with a guy I met on the Plenty of Fish in Prince Rupert. I am from the US. We chat on msn or over the phone as often as we can. Sometimes we talk for hours. I stay up all night talking to him leaving me incredibly cranky in the morning from the lack of sleep, but it makes me even more depressed when I don’t get to talk to him. He’s the only person in the world I feel completely comfortable talking about anything with. He makes me feel beautiful, he listens to me, and I spend all my time thinking about him when we’re not talking. I think he feels the same about me, he tells me he loves me. He and I connect on a whole different level that I never thought was possible. We are like soul mates.

I hate that we can’t be together, I hate that I am married and so is he. I hate that I don’t live in Prince Rupert.


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