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I am depressed about everything!

I am 28, live in a small town called Prince George and I hate the world and have never been happy with anything in life. I didn’t know who my father was growing up. My mom was always out partying, leaving me with babysitters. I started doing drugs since I was 15. I never thought anyone was like me, but then I met this 25 year old from Quesnel and she feels the same way I do and she even felt the same about being alone. I convinced myself that I can be happy if I was around her. Instead of telling her how I feel, I told her to go and find happiness in another person, but deep down I know I really want to be the source of her happiness. The fact is it depresses me and makes me think she does not need me anymore, but it’s my fault. I was the person she would rely on when she was having bad days. Now I am pretty much just a pity case. Sometimes I just wish I was never born. We plan on having me visit her next month, but it’s probably just pity. I can’t tell her how I feel or she’ll be burdened with my problems. I feel if I lose her I think I’ll lose the only thing that was ever close to me. I don’t know what to do.

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One Response to “I am depressed about everything!”

  1. Billybob Says:

    If I lived in Prince George, I would be depressed too and on drugs.

    Prince George is a shithole in the middle of the trees.

    From what I hear, you got some good drugs out that way, make use of them while you are there.

    Because Prince George sucks.

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