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I cheated on my husband and he cheated on me!

I cheated on my husband with a guy I met on Ashley Madison in Edmonton. My husband never found out about it and I don’t feel guilty for it. I believe I found true love and equal companionship with the man I cheated with. He said he felt it too. My husband is always busy with his work and earning money. He doesn’t see what I really want. They guy who I cheated with and I are so alike it was like we were meant to be together, but I am married with a child and he has a girlfriend who is expecting their first child. We came to the conclusion together that we could only be friends and we struggle to suppress our attraction and need for each other. As luck would have it, later that year I found out that my husband cheated on me too. He admitted to it. But I am too worried to admit to my cheating on him. I am too scared to end the marriage because if I do and the man I truly love still won’t be with me it might mean he doesn’t really feel the same way I do about him. I don’t even know what I am hanging onto by staying in this marriage. Sometimes I hate my husband but most of the time I feel so much pity for him. I wish he would die someday but that would be far too painful for our child. I really don’t know what to do!


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2 Responses to “I cheated on my husband and he cheated on me!”

  1. jim Says:

    wow, leave the dude. Life is to short to resent ppl all the time, do you and your husband a favour and move on

  2. Mike Says:

    Karma, u cheated, u deserved to be cheated on. Stop the bullshit I’m the victim act bitch.

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