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My fantasy with my boyfriend and my best friend

My fantasy that no one knows of (not even my boyfriend) is that I want to bring my boyfriend’s fantasy of having sex with another woman to real for his birthday. Before I met my boyfriend I had a profile on Plenty of Fish. Because I lived in a small town of Prince George, it was not easy to meet nice people. I have, however, met some interesting people. I chatted with this one fellow, who lived Quesnel, on msn. I asked him once (as we met through an online personal and started to chat) several questions, so we could get to know one another. One of the questions I asked was what the most erotic experience he ever had. The reasons I asked was that who doesn’t like to hear about others secrets or fantasies? I love hearing about other’s sexual fantasies and stories. Anyways, he told me about a time his girl took him to a hotel in Prince George, gave him a full body massage blind folded. After she had him at full attention, she had him and suddenly he felt a tongue on each side of him. He said the sensation was so intense that he whipped the blindfold off. He saw his girlfriend and her best friend playing with him together. She told him HAPPY BIRTHDAY and to put the blindfold back on. They both proceeded to please him blindfolded. Needless to say it was superhot.

Ever since that moment I have been fantasizing about trying that experience with my boyfriend and a best friend of mine, but never had the courage to do it … yet. I am planning this for his next birthday in December.

Thanks for the site by the way. I was thinking of a site like this for Canadians but never found one. To find one right in my back yard in Prince George is great! Thanks!

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