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I had sex with my friend’s fiancé while he watched in Prince George

Sometime last year, I went out with my friend and his fiancé to the Generator pub in Prince George to celebrate his birthday. We all were drinking, dancing and having a good time. My friend went to get another round during a break. His fiancé turned to me and we started to dance. As we were dancing she turned around and rubbed her ass on my cock. Just a little bump and grind. That was enough to turn me on. I didn’t do anything and just thought it was an accident, but it felt so good I did not want the feeling to stop and when I looked up my friend was coming over with the drinks.

We went on the dance floor and danced on few tunes for a while, then left the club. I went back to my friends place to stay the night because I was too drunk to drive. When we got there his fiancé got undressed in the living room and went to shower. He came over to me and told me he wanted me to have sex with his fiancé as he watched. I was shocked at first, but he told me he saw me dancing with his wife and it turned him on and he wanted to see more. He also said it was a fantasy of theirs and they have discussed it all before.

When his fiancé came out of the shower, she came over to us with just a towel on. She asked her fiancé if she was getting two cocks tonight and he said only one and I am going to watch you. She then dropped her towel, turned to me, pulled my pants down and started to suck me. As she sucked me I started to play with her body. Then I went down on her. She tasted good. I then got up bent her over and fucked her doggie facing her fiancé. I slapped her ass and said to him, “this is what you wanted” you like watching your girl get fucked by another man? I pulled her hair back as I pumped in and out of her. When I was ready to cum, I pulled out and put my cock in her mouth so she can suck every last drop of my load in her mouth as she tasted her pussy juice on my cock.
It was fun and can’t wait for next encounter.


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