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Confession of a stripper in Vancouver

I have been a stripper for over 7 years now. I started when I was in graduate school because it was easy money and God knows I needed it. I moved for school from a small town up north known as Terrace. My family is poor so I had to do everything for myself. After graduate school with my degree in Health Science, I realized I was not going to find a job that paid me well. I also realized I won’t find a job that I enjoyed as much as dancing. Then I figured I might as well capitalize on being a stripper while I still had the body and looks. So, I started dancing professionally after graduation. Within six months I saved up enough money to put down on a house and yes the house is in Vancouver. I also helped out my parents with their finances. I paid off my student loans within 2 years. I also have managed to go on vacation with my folks. They don’t know that I strip. When I finally decided to “settle down” and get my career started, I chose to enter the health care profession. However, even once I began my new profession, I still continued to dance, because the money was so unbelievable. You dance for couple of nights and you are set for few weeks. I didn’t want to, nor saw the need to stop. I started traveling to Victoria to dance for more money, clubs were open late, you could work when you wanted, and less chance of running into someone I knew. I am now thinking of a serious relationship and want to settle down. I want to concentrate on my day job but I will confess, it is so hard to do, not just because of the money, but because I honestly enjoy it. I wish I could keep doing this for rest of my life, but loneliness is getting into me. I have everything I need, except a loving, caring family. That is what I want.

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