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Wish I could end this affair with married man

I’m 34 years old and my secret is that I have been having sex with a married man for about 3 years. I live in Williams Lake but he lives in Quesnel. I would travel to Quesnel for this affair. The thought of travelling to sleep with another woman’s man is a BIG turn on for me. It’s not a relationship, honestly we just use each other for sex and it really means nothing to either of us. We met on Ashley Madison affair site, he told me how unhappy he was and I wanted to be with a married man, that’s how it started. I don’t feel guilty about it. At first I did but then as time went by, we got comfortable with each other, he told me how I fulfill him the way his wife can’t, how I please him and that is a great turn on heating all those compliments. I felt like I am better than this other woman. I am better than at least one person in the world. I haven’t had the best experiences with relationships and this just seems like the only thing I can handle right now. I have to confess though; sometimes I fear that this type of affair may be the only thing that I can handle or have. I fear I am not good for anyone. Sex is just so much easier than actually trying to work at a relationship. I have met many from Plenty of Fish or other dating sites but nothing happened. It is so much easier than giving my heart to someone and getting kicked around. Everyone around me is moving on, getting married, having children and I’m just stuck with having sex with married man. I wish I could change this, I wish I could just find a man who would want to have a relationship and raise a family with me!

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One Response to “Wish I could end this affair with married man”

  1. Ally for all Says:

    ah the bliss is great until the curtain falls, however i think you sound like a great person with potential.

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