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I am still in love with the man from Plenty of Fish in Prince George who just wanted sex!

My secret is that I am still in love with a man I met two years ago on Plenty of Fish. I live in a small northern town called Prince George. The only way you would meet people is by going out and expecting to have one night stand or by putting yourself out through online dating sites. Plenty of Fish is free and so I went. Sure enough I met this guy. We started chatting on msn. Then one thing led to another we became attached. Like any other guys on Plenty of Fish, all he could think of is sex. After few months of chatting and being with him I realized it will not work. He just wants sex and I want more, not just the sex. I asked him not to contact me because he couldn’t make up his mind about our relationship and it was too painful for me. Felt like he was dangling a carrot in front of me saying, “I am not ready yet to commit to a relationship yet, lets not ruin what we have.” I ruined it anyway by breaking it off. But now I worry I should have stuck it out. He is the only one for me and he has no idea how much I loved him then, and still do. I don’t know what it is about him but it was the most I have ever felt for any man, and I know that whoever else I might meet now will have to work very hard to take his place in my heart. A part of me will probably always love him and wish to be with him. I am praying we never meet again but deep down I long for him!


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