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Plenty of Fish: game continues in Canada and United States

Oh My GOD, I’ve sent dozens of messages to women from Plenty of Fish in Prince George and Quesnel, also went as far as California, every single one either “read deleted” or “unread deleted”. If I’m lucky I’ll get a “read” but never a reply. Some of the women blocked me for introducing myself! What is it with these women? Some of them have serious attitude problems. There is nothing wrong with guys, don’t let these idiots bring your self-esteem down. Plenty of Fish is a medium for shallow, vapid females to get their ego boosts at the expense of well-intentioned men who are genuinely looking for someone special. The “requirements” many of the brainless females on Plenty of Fish site, regardless whether they are in Canada or in the United States, have for their perfect man are often (if not always) unreasonable. Yet by the same token, most of these fat, destitute, single mother sluts expect men to accept them as they are with no complaints. Talk about hypocrisy! A man nowadays is better off budgeting to visit an escort on a semi-regular basis. Or looking for married women who are looking for no strings attached hookups. At least with a pro, you know what you are going to get and how much it will cost. Or if it is no strings attached, you don’t have to worry about her at all. It just bothers me that all of them in this plenty of fish are so undereducated, yet wants the prince charming! Come on! Be real!

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2 Responses to “Plenty of Fish: game continues in Canada and United States”

  1. Scissor Runner Says:

    Actually I am a fat, non-destitute, non single mother on POF and I don’t get ANY guys messaging me. I am not judgmental about guys unless they are rude and ignorant to me

  2. Melissa Marie Says:

    I can ceertainly hear ya on the women on Plenty of fish, now you know why some of them are on there, by looking at a few of them, and yes they expect so much out of men, but seriously have ya looked in the mirror? it seems some of them do not even care what they actually look like? but yet yes they are pretty picky on the guys?!!!! they should actaully take a look at thier pics a little closer as well!!

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