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Sold myself to an older woman for sex

Thursday, December 11th, 2014

This is a confession of how I sold myself to an older woman for sex.

I was at a hotel bar on (in my mid-twenties) and struck up a conversation with a very attractive woman who was (my guess) around 50 years old. She was in town on business and we spent several hours just chatting and really hitting it off. She asked me what I did for a living, and with the drinking and the fact that I actually didn’t do anything for a living at the time I bullshitted her and told her that I, “made a living by pleasing women.”

She asked me what I meant by that, but I just played it coy and talked around it because I was BSing her and just wanted to see how she’d react. So, she comes out and asks, “So, what would you charge a lady to please her?”

I answered that it didn’t work that way…that if we hit it off and had a relationship that know. There are gifts and such.
Well, anyways, a little while later she buys two glasses of wine and hands me one and asks if I want to come up to her room and finish the glass of wine with her. We go up to her room and immediately start making out. She tells me she doesn’t really want to kiss, but wants me to please her. At that point, she pulled down her undergarments, leaned back in the chair in the room and smiled. SO, I did what she wanted and just dropped on my knees in front of her and gave her head. She was actually kind of abusive in grabbing my head and graphically telling me what to do. It got kind of nasty but I didn’t care because it was such a huge turn on for me to be basically dominated by this woman.

After she came, she told me to stand up and take my clothes off, so I did. She gave me head till I was about to lose it then took me to the bed and gave me hand job to finish me. We fell asleep for a while, then I woke up and she was stroking me again. She got on top and took me into her and whispered in my ear that she believed me. Then she said, “Ok, finish me again” and rode my face talking dirty again.

Anyways, A little while later she got out of bed and took some money out of her purse and put it into my pants pocket on the floor. When I got back to my room in the morning I discovered she’d paid me 200 dollars. It is a memory that I’ve been conflicted about, but I’ve decided I’m not ashamed. To think about it now, that experience of selling myself to an older woman for sex is really exciting and erotic.

Forced sex that left me wanting more

Saturday, July 7th, 2012

This is a true story, which i never shared with anyone, of what happened with a boyfriend I had. I grew up in Ontario, Canada and was seeing this guy for about 2 years. We were very comfortable with each other. We were in tune. One day, he came over to my apartment to pick me up to take me over to my mom’s house. He told me on the text that he was really horny and wanted a quickie before he took me to my moms, but I kept putting him off because I was ready to go out.

When he came in, it all happened so very quickly. I remember him standing behind me and the next moment pushing me down over the dining room table. Then I remember him pulling my skirt and panties down. He told me roughly in a commanding voice that I wasn’t going to stop him from getting what he wanted. At that point he pulled down his jeans and his cock was already hard and he started fucking me from behind.

I was shocked and upset that he wasn’t listening to me as he held pinned down against the table. At the same time he was fucking me with a wild hardcore consuming lust that I had never seen from our sex before. All the while he was calling me names and saying how much he loves to fuck me, how that I have been a very bad girl and he loves punishing me. He was totally into doing me for his own pleasure trying to get off inside solely for his own enjoyment. And right at that moment I found myself enjoying it. I knew he ONLY wanted me. Even though I felt helpless I knew I was safe, because we talked about forced sex before. He came quickly, forcefully and was very loud. When it was over, we acted like it was no big deal. But secretly I hoped he might do it again. Because I am a dirty little slut and I love pleasing my man, I love to hear that I am a whore when he fucks me. We have tried many things since but I never told him about that incident and that I want it again. I am just hoping he figures that out.

Plenty of Fish: game continues in Canada and United States

Monday, June 6th, 2011

Oh My GOD, I’ve sent dozens of messages to women from Plenty of Fish in Prince George and Quesnel, also went as far as California, every single one either “read deleted” or “unread deleted”. If I’m lucky I’ll get a “read” but never a reply. Some of the women blocked me for introducing myself! What is it with these women? Some of them have serious attitude problems. There is nothing wrong with guys, don’t let these idiots bring your self-esteem down. Plenty of Fish is a medium for shallow, vapid females to get their ego boosts at the expense of well-intentioned men who are genuinely looking for someone special. The “requirements” many of the brainless females on Plenty of Fish site, regardless whether they are in Canada or in the United States, have for their perfect man are often (if not always) unreasonable. Yet by the same token, most of these fat, destitute, single mother sluts expect men to accept them as they are with no complaints. Talk about hypocrisy! A man nowadays is better off budgeting to visit an escort on a semi-regular basis. Or looking for married women who are looking for no strings attached hookups. At least with a pro, you know what you are going to get and how much it will cost. Or if it is no strings attached, you don’t have to worry about her at all. It just bothers me that all of them in this plenty of fish are so undereducated, yet wants the prince charming! Come on! Be real!

Why I think Plenty of Fish is a waste of time!

Friday, December 31st, 2010

I was looking for a place where I can rant about Plenty of Fish. Glad I found this place. So here we go:

I don’t know where to start. Anyways, tell me something, where do these average, at best, looking women get the idea that an educated (don’t have to be well educated), successful (can be semi successful) guy wants anything to do with them? Guys who are successful in many ways, except the dating, I’m sure, are not looking for someone fat with stretch marks, uneducated, with 5 kids with 5 different last names, arrogant woman. Just like many other guys, I had a profile on there but after the negative experience I had, I deleted it. Now I just browse it as a guest and funny thing is, most of the girls I used to chat are still there, and have been for years now, hoping that Brad Pitt will sweep them off their feet. You would think most women with even little bit of intelligence, after a few years of trying, would come to the conclusion that she is just not all that she thinks she is and lower her standards to reflect reality, but not the women on Plenty of Fish. These delusional bags of women throughout the United States and Canada feel a false sense of entitlement, in that “it’s just a matter of time before prince charming comes knocking on my door, even though I really don’t have anything to offer but welfare ass” mentality.

My verdict is that plenty of fish is just a waste of time (it was for me anyways) but if you believe in hopes keep trying, you never know what may happen. As the other writer said, guys who are looking to get laid have an affair, try Ashley Madison. You will have better luck.