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Conflicted between feminism and rape fantasy

Sunday, July 30th, 2017

I advocate feminism and work for a law firm that devotes in this cause. I have a secret. As a feminist I have always been terrified to admit even to people I’m intimate with that I enjoy rape fantasies. There is something about it that excites me like nothing else. The idea of loosing control and being used as a “sex toy” for someone’s pleasure at his will is something intoxicating.

This fantasy of being raped is not new. Even as a kid and teenager a lot of my sexual awakenings were disturbing in that I was more of a victim than a willing and curious girl. I was raped and forced to perform sexual acts. It’s not that I ever want to actually be raped and I’m not even really interested in roleplaying it but I do love to fantasize about it.

In those fantasies I’m vulnerable and fearful for my life. I’m always locked in a cage or a windowless room and forced into doing anything my captor wants, until I’m sobbing from exhaustion. Until my captor is satisfied with me and until my captor is done using me!

Hilarious Bathroom Sex Encounter

Saturday, September 6th, 2014

One night when my boyfriend was tripping on mushrooms, we were sitting around listening to music and doing a lot of nothing. Well, actually, I was bored out of my mind, but he seemed perfectly content. After watching him laugh, stare and get stuck in numerous trances from the music of course, I decided to go in the bathroom and curl my hair, or do something girly, maybe give myself a pedicure. I went in and got out my little box of goodies and started brushing my hair and looking in the mirror, pondering what I felt like doing.

Now, I must give you a picture of the way our bathroom is designed in order for you to see the comedy in my bathroom sex story.  First, there is no bathroom door, just a curtain we hang in the doorway, and secondly, the bathroom light switch is on the outside wall, not in the bathroom. So, anyway, one minute I am minding my own business and the next minute I am standing in total darkness!

My boyfriend had switched the light off from the outside! I yelled out, “Hey stop playing, turn the light back on!” Next thing I know he is walking into the bathroom carrying what looked like a glowing spiral fluorescent light bulb. I could see nothing but that stupid light bulb so I asked “What are you doing?” However, before the words actually came out of my mouth I realized what I was looking at.

That was no light bulb! It was his erect penis dressed in a glow-in-the-dark condom! I gasped and then started laughing and said “You are so silly!” We both laughed for a minute and then the next thing you know we were naked on the bathroom floor! I must admit the bathroom sex was surprisingly good and the laugh I got out of realizing I was staring and my boyfriends glowing penis was pretty priceless, an event I will not forget anytime soon!

Want him to rape me

Thursday, August 7th, 2014

I met this guy online. It took me a lot of balls to talk to him. We have been talking for awhile now and I get so horny when we talk. I want him to come into my house and rape me. I find role play so intriguing just never told anyone about it. I love the idea of someone coming into my house a throwing me around and fucking me hard. I haven’t stopped thinking about it. I have an extremely high sex drive. I masturbate at least 10 times a day and I’ve recently learned I can squirt which is also new to me. Should I give him a try?

Rape fantasy with the girl I hate most in the world

Saturday, January 25th, 2014

So there’s this girl at my college that I hate with a fiery passion. She absolutely gets on every last one of my nerves, and is just an all-around horrible person to everyone. She is a redhead with a nice tight body. She has an amazing ass and petite yet perfect boobs. I sometimes think what it would be like to pour all of my hate for her into having sex with her. I imagine tying her down and cutting her clothes off while she tries to resist, and pulling my dick out. I imagine forcing her to choke on my cock (assuming that if I choke her enough she can’t bite), and then fucking her. I will force her to say that she likes it, and slap her and spank her until she does what I say. And I imagine that I would not just have my way with her one, but as many times as I desire. I like the fantasy of rape.

The Night I Gave my Dad a Blowjob

Saturday, October 6th, 2012

Sexual abuse was nothing new to me, as I had been molested by both my brothers from the time I was 11. But, my dad had never done anything like that. I didn’t know at the time that my dad was sick and had put my brothers up to doing what they did to me. I guess in his weird and twisted mind he got off on it, or maybe he was having them get me ready for him. The thought of what happened on my 15th birthday still haunts me. My dad wasn’t my real father, he was our step dad, but still I had always thought of him as my dad.

One the night of my 15th birthday my mom had taken my brothers out to a party. I wasn’t allowed to go because I had been grounded. My dad offered to stay home and make sure that I didn’t go out anywhere.  Of course, now I know why he wanted me in the house that night. I wish I had known what he was going to do. In one way I was afraid when he came into my room and exposed himself, but in another way I felt myself getting a little excited. I had never seen a grown man’s penis. I had seen my brothers but they weren’t like this. In my mind I was fighting the feeling of excitement and I was torn between horror and curiosity.

As he moved closer to me, I just froze. He didn’t say anything at all; he just had a glazed look in his eyes. I thought he was going to rape me and penetrate me and that terrified me as he was very well endowed.  I suppose he knew he wouldn’t get away with that so instead he grabbed the back of my hair and pulled my face close to his cock. Then he said two words that I can still hear as clear as day. He said “Suck it.”

Out of fear that he might do something worse, I slowly put his cock into my mouth, but just a little bit of it. I knew there was no way his cock was going to fit into my mouth. But, he didn’t feel that way, as the next thing he did was so horrendous. He shoved my head hard toward him until I was gagging on his cock. I felt like I was going to suffocate. I tried to stay strong as I gave my dad a blowjob but he was hurting me and shoving it all the way down my throat. When he was ready to cum he told me I better swallow it or he was going to really do something to hurt me, so I had no choice, and I did what I was told.