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Hilarious Bathroom Sex Encounter

Saturday, September 6th, 2014

One night when my boyfriend was tripping on mushrooms, we were sitting around listening to music and doing a lot of nothing. Well, actually, I was bored out of my mind, but he seemed perfectly content. After watching him laugh, stare and get stuck in numerous trances from the music of course, I decided to go in the bathroom and curl my hair, or do something girly, maybe give myself a pedicure. I went in and got out my little box of goodies and started brushing my hair and looking in the mirror, pondering what I felt like doing.

Now, I must give you a picture of the way our bathroom is designed in order for you to see the comedy in my bathroom sex story.  First, there is no bathroom door, just a curtain we hang in the doorway, and secondly, the bathroom light switch is on the outside wall, not in the bathroom. So, anyway, one minute I am minding my own business and the next minute I am standing in total darkness!

My boyfriend had switched the light off from the outside! I yelled out, “Hey stop playing, turn the light back on!” Next thing I know he is walking into the bathroom carrying what looked like a glowing spiral fluorescent light bulb. I could see nothing but that stupid light bulb so I asked “What are you doing?” However, before the words actually came out of my mouth I realized what I was looking at.

That was no light bulb! It was his erect penis dressed in a glow-in-the-dark condom! I gasped and then started laughing and said “You are so silly!” We both laughed for a minute and then the next thing you know we were naked on the bathroom floor! I must admit the bathroom sex was surprisingly good and the laugh I got out of realizing I was staring and my boyfriends glowing penis was pretty priceless, an event I will not forget anytime soon!

I wanted to be a model

Friday, February 17th, 2012

A few years ago I answered an advertisment in a newspaper to get some photos done because I wanted to become a model. I was 19 at the time and had done some promotional work in the past but no modelling although people would always tell me I was pretty enough to be a model, especially men. The man who answered the call sounded very professional and told me to come to an address to meet him so we could take the photos. I asked if it was ok if I brought my boyfriend of two years along with me but he said he would just be in the way and convinced me otherwise. I thought I would be going to a studio or something but it turned out the address was a serviced appartment.

Once inside Bill (this wasnt his real name) asked me to pose in various outfits as he took lots of photos. After 20 minutes or so I asked him how much all the photos would cost as he seemed to be taking hundreds. He told me not to worry and we would arrange something. Over the next hour or so I posed in various outfits I had but as time went on I seemed to be wearing less and less until Bill had me in my bikini and then various sets of underwear. I was feeling a little uncomfortable at this point, partly because I was showing my body off to a complete stranger, and party because I was pretty sure Bill was becomming aroused. He had a big grin on his face and kept adjusting himself. Bill was probably in his mid 50s and was wearing a wedding ring so I assume he was married.

SO there I was posing in some underwear when Bill asked me to take my top off. I refused but he told me it was very important that I do it if I wanted to be a model so eventually I agreed. As I unclipped my bra, I could see Bill was becomming very aroused and as he took photos of me topless he started to play with his penis. I decided I had enough and started to pick up my clothes to leave. Bill told me I owed him $450 for the photos but I told him I didnt have that much money even with all my savings so he told me I could settle the bill by letting him jerk himself off into my mouth. I didnt know what to do so I agreed. Bill came up to me and put me on my knees and told me to open my mouth. I did what I was told and just a few seconds later I felt Bill’s sperm shoot across my cheek and I could taste it in my mouth. It tasted horrible, warm and salty.

As I got up to leave Bill told me he would send me all the photos but when nothing arrived for a few weeks I realised I had been tricked. Im not sure what Bill did with the photos but hopefully theyre not on the internet and he didnt tell anyone that I had let him jerk off in my mouth. I never told my boyfriend what happened because I knew how upset and angry he would be.

I decided not to be a model after that.