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Rant of another guy about Plenty of Fish (POF) in Prince George

This is not a secret but just another rant about Plenty of Fish (POF) in general. I am a single 40-year old guy. I’m not Brad Pitt; but I’m not bad-looking either, and I’m in great shape for my age. I am successful both professionally and educationally. I joined POF in Prince George hoping to find my princess. I emailed over 30 women who in my age/looks range. I widen my search even to Fort St. John up north and all the way to Vancouver, Victoria down south and in between. I wasn’t a middle-aged desperate guy emailing 21-year-old supermodels. I was emailing women who should have been age/appearance compatible. Or who I thought might be interested in settling down after gaining certain amount of life experience that comes with age! Oh god was I ever wrong. I got absolutely *zero* responses. Everyone read and deleted the emails. My jaws dropped. My emails were at least 100 words long and it was not like “hey babe want to get laid?” or “Hey want to marry me?” type emails. So I went on searching online to see what I was doing wrong and found that its like a game for lonely desperate women who are just out to waste everyones time. I find that I have a lot better luck meeting women at the bookstore or at the gym. POF is just a waste of time. I mean, after all, gentlemen, what exactly is the “end game” on POF? Is it a coffee date on the other side of town with an overweight middle-aged woman who has three kids and has no education or knows only how to put a guy down just to glorify their own ego? Doesn’t really matter how real you are, you just can’t find a decent girl unless they have at least a college degree, even so, I have found, that gives them the false sense of achievement which makes them very arrogant.

The reason I am ranting about this is because of my last one which took the cake and made me delete my profile. I came across a profile from Prince George who was 40 years old that had the same birth date as me and gave a synopsis of the type of person born on that day is. I am very intrigued at this point thinking what a great profile! She also said she has a graduate degree. I sent her a message saying that I was born on the same day and this sounded very accurate, I thanked her for posting it and wished her a Happy Holiday Season. The result? You got it, read and deleted, not even freaking happy holidays back or a thanks or anything. She has kids who are all grown up (as per her profile), so why the hell is this self-ego? No idea. I guess when the POF started guys found this a convenient way to get laid. As a result all the girls are kind of hesitant. At the same time, ladies, not all guys are bad!

Guys who are looking to have an affair, try Ashley Madison. You will have better luck. Leave the POF to those who are looking for some serious relationships.

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