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A guy’s rant about Prince George Plenty of Fish

After being on Plenty of Fish for a while and hearing about different experiences from other people, it’s clear to me most women in Prince George, have priced themselves out of their own market. The women on there are nothing but pathetic low class, shallow complete waste of time. They are attention seeking, drama queens who have multiple profiles, lie about their career, education, and weight so on. Their expectations are such that, the only option they are left with is dating, regardless what they say they want. Countless time I have met women from the site just to find out their lies. It’s just unbelievable. I know guys are out there who are just looking get a cheap lay but girls are one step ahead in that game, I think, on POF, especially in Prince George.

The only conclusion is women on POF are generally searching for a playmate at best. They left no other options open. But you cannot say that up front to them (yet they want you to be HONEST!!) that you are, as a guy, looking for a playmate. If you are this honest, you will be labeled as a creep. Talk about double standard! If that’s not true, the only other thing they could be doing is playing the “man lottery.” Putting up a profile just to see what they can catch and if the guy is a well above average catch for them they will respond or create another profile pretending to be someone else. Essentially they are just wasting a lot of guy’s time. They want guys to be honest but it’s OK for girl’s to be dishonest. I met 7+ women from the site in Prince George and Quesnel, while I was active there. All of them matched their pictures closely, but the self description, self perception was significantly off. If you want to spend money dating women you have little wish to be in a relationship with, Plenty of Fish is the place for you. In general, everyone on POF has low self-esteem and they will try to make themselves better by bringing down a guy or two. This site selects few con artist women to drop bait for honest men. We do not have to look for these internet women. Internet women who are suffering from the lack of self-esteem and place a photo to see how many desperate men will respond, then, it will be good for her ego. I have heard people having better luck in relationships or affairs or whatever that they are looking for from Ashley Madison and Meet Locals than POF.

Now that my ranting is done I do have to say, it’s NOT ALL bad. I did meet some interesting women. But I do that all the time without paying for the privilege.

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3 Responses to “A guy’s rant about Prince George Plenty of Fish”

  1. jim Says:

    they should call it Plenty Of Single Moms (POSM) 🙁

  2. Chell Says:

    I’m a female… I was on POF for 3 years! I lived in Southern Maryland. Saint Mary’s county My boss’s husband “I’m a nanny” lived in Brandywine, just past the city limit of Waldorf. I joined POF just because I had never been on anything like it before. I was on Love and seek when I lived in Connecticut I never really met any one off that site. So When I came across this site I was like wow you can really meet people fast! I like that! I would meet guys all the time! 😀 Some of the people I met off the site I still know and talk to every so often but there are a few guys I met off that site that because I would not have sex with them would never talk to me again. TO ME I felt like guys are on there just for a quick lay. I do have a friend who recently went on there to find a girl to have sex with met her had sex in his car in D.C and left… I did meet someone on there in Jan. of 09 and started dating him in March of that year. Because I”m a nanny and I’m in contract for a year I left at the end of Sept. SO our relationship ended and I moved back to Washington State. But I did get another job back here in Maryland and lived actually closer to my ex who lives in Bowie. I was on there for 3 years and met someone in Aug of this last year and we have been dating for 5 months as of the first of Jan! 2011!!

    Like you said this site is not all bad. I don’t think it’s just the women on the site that are bad. I was not on there to have sex. I ddid not meet any one on the site and have sex with them…. I think it’s a pretty equal part guys are on there for the easy girls and the girls are on there for an easy guy. Yes every one will be picky on what people look like but I never had more than one profile and I was nothing but honest on my site. I’m nothing but honest in general soooo… I’m not saying your wrong on there I’m just saying as a women…. I’m 22 who was on POF for 3 years I did not go on there to “hook up” with people I was on there to find someone to have a relationship with because I don’t have a lot of time in my “normal” life to get out of the house and meet people because of what I do…. Best of luck to you all who are on there! I met 2 guys on there that were and are my boyfriend and I’m happy with both guys I did date and am dating now! 😀

  3. AnonymousUser Says:

    Hi Chell thank you for your wonderful comment. I was not bashing anyone, I hope you understand that. It was just bad experience on my part. Glad to hear it is working out for you. Congratulations on your current dating status.

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